How To Build A Terraform Service Catalog

Learn how you can enable end-users to automatically provision infrastructure within the guardrails set by central IT with a Terraform service catalog.

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Terraform Service Catalog
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"Before Scalr, folks that needed infrastructure got it through slow tickets. That infrastructure once provisioned needed to be maintained by manual methods. Adopting Scalr's Terraform service catalog solved it all for us."

DevOps Engineer @ Ivy League University

What is a Terraform service catalog?

A Terraform service catalog allows organizations to create and manage catalogs of approved infrastructure backed by Terraform. End-users without Terraform experience are enabled to consume infrastructure using a common workflow that makes it easy to secure, govern, and audit self-service deployments at scale.

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How to add services to the Terraform service catalog?

Terraform service catalog items simply are Terraform modules stored in VCS, and linked to the Scalr private module registry. The Scalr private module registry lets you publish modules directly from VCS providers without having to provide or share VCS credentials with other users.

How to deploy services from the Terraform service catalog?

Service items are deployable from the Scalr UI or the Scalr API. To deploy a service catalog item, specify its Terraform variable inputs (such as instance size, region, tags, …) and queue a run.

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Terraform Service Catalog RBAC

How to restrict access to the Terraform service catalog?

Scalr lets you define service catalog items and cloud providers from an administrative layer, and assign them only to the teams that need them using RBAC and the unique Scalr environments feature.

How to make sure that Terraform service catalog items stay within the guardrails set by central IT?

Terraform service catalog items deployments are fully customizable and go through the same pipeline as all Terraform deployments. OPA policies are used to ensure that inputs are valid and to govern the self-service workflow.

Terraform Service Catalog OPA Policies

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