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Build A Cloud Strategy That Doesn’t Compromise on Security, Cost, or Productivity

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Cost Control & Visibility

Gain actionable visibility into cloud spend and reduce costs through policies and automated clean-ups.

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Security & Compliance

Build secure and compliant cloud environments through transparent policy guardrails and RBAC.

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Platform Flexibility

Reduce Vendor-Lock in and create repeatable workflows across multiple private and public cloud platforms.

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Team Productivity

Drive high-performance teams through customized Self-Service portals and app lifecycle automation.

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Deliver Agility Without Giving Up Control

Enterprises are embracing Self-Service, and want to take advantage of multiple platforms and the choice and speed they provide. But IT still needs to reign in sprawling datacenters, maintain security and compliance standards, and control costs. SCALR is how enterprise IT delivers agility without compromising on security, compliance or costs.

  • Cost Visibility & Reduction
  • Granular RBAC on Cloud Environments
  • Integration Into Existing Ecosystem
  • Customized Provisioning Portals
  • Conditional Security & Compliance Policies
  • Single Pane of Glass for All Cloud Usage & Management

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Custom Self-Service Creates Productive Users

Self Service should not be limited to one type of user. Scalr’s policy engine and role based access controls (RBAC) empower IT to created customized provisioning portals for power-users, basic users, and anything in between.

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Upcoming Webinars

July 10th, 11am PT

Cloud Cost Control – Reporting vs. Management

Creating predictable bills, reducing costs, and effectively holding business units accountable – these are all challenges that enterprise IT and Finance organizations have to deal with in the cloud. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the approaches today’s enterprises are taking to deal with these problems.


June 19th, 11am PT

Building Dynamic Applications with Scalr and Chef

A technical deep-dive on deploying a highly dynamic application with Scalr and Chef. Enable extreme productivity without sacrificing policy.


How Do The World’s Largest Companies Approach Multi-Cloud?

Get the 2018 Enterprise Cloud Management Landscape Report.

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Modern Enterprises Are Embracing The Cloud
Without Giving Up Control. Learn how.


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An in-depth overview of the Scalr Cloud Management Platform. Learn how enterprises drive cloud adoption while maintaining cost and security standards.



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Forrester evaluates various vendors in the HCM space, and names Scalr a leader.


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Gartner 2017 CMP Market Guide

Learn about the CMP landscape, and what functional areas an enterprise CMP should cover.


Learn how Scalr can help your organization build a stronger cloud.

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