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Everything you need to scale Terraform.

The platform built for you to design and implement Terraform to meet your specific needs.

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Structure your implementation to meet your needs.

Get setup and start executing applies in under ten minutes.

Setup your workflow

Choose between the Terraform CLI, VCS-driven and module-based workspaces to deploy your infrastructure.

Safely authenticate with provider configurations

Add each of your providers and manage credentials shared across multiple environments and workspaces.

Create structure with Environments and Workspaces with no hardcoded credentials

Create simple or complex structures to manage the implementation, the way you want.

Scale your usage easily with standardization.

By standardizing your implementation, you can enable self service in your organization.

Build a Module Registry

Provide a list of approved modules for your users to consume without comprising the integrity of your system.

Automate with the Scalr Provider

Manage Scalr objects with Terraform to increase velocity and enable self service.

Role Based Access Control & Open Policy Agent

Everything you need to manage access, teams and secure deployments.

An example of a policy.
A screenshot of the integrations available

Scale operations with visibility & integrations.

By having visibility where and when you need it you are able to efficiently scale your Terraform operations.

Visibility and Reporting

Have the visibility you need to always be up to date. Make use of Terraform Versions, Modules and Providers reporting to understand how your organization is using Scalr.

Native Integrations

Integrate with tools like Slack, Datadog, and OKTA to bring Terraform into your ecosystem.

Operational Dashboards

See all past and present runs across all of your workspaces in, a single view.

Start using the Terraform platform of the future.