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Fortune 500 companies use Scalr to modernize IT while preserving control and visiblity.

Cloud Management Platform
Cloud Management Platform
Cloud Management Platform
Cloud Management Platform
Heartflow does cloud management with Scalr
Cloud Management
Scalr Cloud Management Platform
HedgeServ Scalr Cloud Management
Ticket fly does cloud management with Scalr
CashCall Cloud Management with Scalr
Cloud Management Platform
Cloud Management Platform

The Scalr Cloud Management Platform makes multi-cloud app deployment
fast, easy, cost-effective and safe.


Gain application-level visibility into cloud spend and reduce costs through financial policies and automated clean-ups.


Build secure and compliant cloud environments through transparent policy guardrails and RBAC.


Reduce operational overhead and enforce company policies at scale through repeatable provisioning workflows.


Drive high performance teams through customized Self-Service portals and app lifecycle automation.


Enterprises use Scalr to deliver a self-service cloud model
in a secure, cost-effective and responsible manner

Read this Gartner market guide to cloud management platforms to better understand cloud management tools, solutions they can offer, and learn about the best CMP vendors and additional cloud tools.

Customer Success Stories

Cloud Management Platform

"Scalr gives us what we need for a very modular infrastructure with flexibility and no lock-in."

Chief Engineer, IT Directorate - NASA JPL

>> Download case study <https://www.scalr.com/lp/jpl-case-study>

Cloud Management Platform

“We’ve compressed processes that took days to complete to a matter of just minutes.”

VP, Global Infrastructure Services - Expedia

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Cloud Management Platform

"Scalr was the first time we've been able to make IT, Security, Finance and the Devs happy at the same time."

VP Platform As A Service - Gannett

Cloud Management Platform

“Scalr has helped us use our cloud resources better, and secure a greater ROI in AWS.”

Senior DevOps Engineer - PEERJ

>> Download case study

Cloud Management Platform

"Using Scalr enables us to provide our developers with production ready standardized environments."

Chief Engineer, IaaS Director - Samsung

>> Download case study

Cloud Management Platform

"A multi-cloud infrastructure without Scalr is like a busy junction without traffic lights."

Managing Director, Infrastructure - HedgeServ

Hosted Scalr

$99Per Month

  • SaaS
  • Orchestration
  • Abstraction Layer
  • Cost Management
  • Lease Management
  • Basic governance

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