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A Terraform solution that scales as you grow

Terraform CLI Support

Keep using Terraform from the command line, and easily plug Scalr into any existing CI/CD pipeline

Remote State & Operations Backend

Securely store your Terraform state and execute Terraform remotely on a consistent execution environment

Version Control Integration

Integrate Scalr with popular VCS providers (GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps) to automatically trigger plans or applies on commits

Hierarchical Management Model

Easily reuse variables, modules, policies and VCS connections across teams, projects, departments, and clients

Open Policy Agent

Provide guard rails for Terraform deployments using a platform agnostic policy framework

Self-hosted Agent Pools

Execute Terraform runs on your infrastructure to manage non-public resources

Get started with Scalr in 3 steps

All the advantages of a cloud service for Terraform

Scalr is an ‘enhanced’ remote backend for Terraform, which means it manages your state files and executes your plans and applies. That means you get to:

Visual Plan

Collaborate Better

Create approval workflows
Lock state files to avoid configuration conflict
Post cost estimates in your PR and discuss implications

Automate Your Pipeline

Automatically trigger plans from commits
Run applies automatically if all tests pass
Keep a history of all your applies
Runs queueRBAC

Secure Operations

Configure IAM incl. RBAC & SSO
Execute Terraform operations without distributing cloud keys
Ensure compliance with policy-as-code stored in VCS
Start collaborating on Terraform now
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