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Scalr for Enterprises

We also offer custom legal terms, enhanced support and SLA to meet all your enterprise needs. 
For customers subject to high security or regulation constraints, we made it easy to host Scalr on premises ($480 / workspace / year, subject to minimum contract value, volume discounts available). 

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Flex usage & quotas

Flex runs
$0.45 / run
$0.90 / run
Flex run-minutes
$0.06 / minute
$0.12 / minute
Included concurrent runs (agents excluded)
5 (soft limit)
Included self-hosted agents
25 (soft limit)
Run resources (agents excluded)
0.5 CPU
512 MB RAM
512 MB RAM
2 CPUs
2048 MB RAM *
Included environments
100 (soft limit)
Included run-minutes (per run, agents excluded) **
Included users
1,000 (soft limit)
Included workspaces
10,000 (soft limit)
Run Triggers

* More resources are available upon request to Scalr's support.

** Included run-minutes work as a pool of minutes that you can share across runs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a run? What counts as a run?

A run is a Terraform execution (plan and/or apply). Both dry runs (that executes the plan, cost estimation, and policy phases, but not the apply) and standard runs (that actually execute a Terraform apply) count as a run.

What is an environment?

An environment is a collection of related workspaces and users. Typically, an environment corresponds to functional areas, applications, cloud accounts, projects, or any grouping that is required.

What is flex usage?

Flex usage is any usage (run or run-minutes) that is not part of your monthly quota and that is charged at the rate shown in the table above.

What if I need to go over my number of monthly runs?

There's nothing to worry about, you can still continue to use Scalr! Any additional Scalr run over your monthly count will be charged at the flex rate shown above and billed at the end of your billing cycle.

What if I need more run-minutes than included in my plan?

You can consume as many run-minutes as you need directly within Scalr. Additional  run-minutes are charged on a pay-as-you-go model at the flex rate show above. 

What if I need more more environments?

The Free plan is capped at 2 environments, and the Starter plan is capped at 10 environments. If you need more than 10 environments, you should consider upgrading to the Pro plan. The Pro plan has a soft limit of 100 environments, which can be increased depending on the use case by logging a ticket to support

How much does additional users, workspaces and concurrent runs cost?

There is no charge per user, workspace or concurrent run, only soft limits to ensure fair usage across all accounts. If you need more than what your plan offers, please log a ticket to our support portal.

Do self-hosted agents count towards the runs/month quota?

Runs executed on self-hosted runners do count towards the runs/month quota, but don't count against the run-minutes quota (ie. platform execution time on Scalr).

Why are you charging per run instead of apply?

We believe that a cost per run significantly lower than the cost per apply encourages a culture of rapid iteration on well scoped applies. Charging a high cost per apply unfortunately incentivizes having fewer applies, which means incentivizing a waterfall approach of large batched and risky changes, which in some observed cases even led to incentivizing having larger workspaces.

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