The Terraform Cloud Alternative

Scalr is an enhanced remote backend for Terraform with native CLI support, OPA instead of Sentinel and fair pricing

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Managed Service
Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC) & Single Sign On (SSO)
Private Module Registry
Open Policy Agent Integration
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Anton Babenko
HashiCorp Ambassador & AWS Community Hero

Scalr is an alternative to Terraform Cloud that a has great integration with the CLI and an intuitive interface.

Kurt Bachelder
VP Cloud Services, Sierra-Cedar

Scalr allows Sierra-Cedar to focus on one of our core businesses: deploying infrastructure-as-code at scale for our clients using Terraform. By migrating our Terraform code base to Scalr and taking advantage of Scalr’s many features for managing Terraform pipelines and workflows, we were able to chop two years’ worth or work from our development backlog.

Erik Rogneby
Director of Platform Engineering, Gannett/USA Today

Scalr allowed us to roll out true self-service provisioning of cloud infrastructure while maintaining some guardrails around policy and access privileges.  We went from one team gatekeeping the approval process, to 40 teams being able to self-manage their own needs.

Teemu Mäkelä
Senior Cloud Architect, Cloud2 Oy

Scalr's layered account/environment/workspace structure is great for cloud consulting companies like us with many customers. We have now visibility to all environments and we can easily configure access to developers in mixed teams.

How Scalr compares to Terraform Cloud

Terraform Cloud

Same ...

Remote operations
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State management
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CLI support
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VCS Integration
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Secrets management
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Workspace management
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Private module registry
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Self-hosted agents
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Workspace-level access policies
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Terraform Visual Plan

Extend the core Terraform workflow (“Write, Plan, Apply”)

Scalr is a remote operations backend for Terraform. It executes Terraform operations and stores state, in Scalr itself allowing for easy collaboration across your organization. Easily onboard an existing GitOps or native Terraform CLI based workflows into Scalr with little to no modification to your actual code.

Govern Terraform deployments using OPA instead of Sentinel

Open Policy Agent is a unified toolset and framework for policy across the cloud native stack. It is free and open source. Use OPA to enforce policies in Terraform, microservices, Kubernetes, CI/CD pipelines, API gateways, … and avoid having to learn new policy languages for each tool.

Policy ChecksTerraform Visual Plan

Keep your Terraform projects DRY

Objects, configurations and policies are shared across multiple organizational units to reduce management overhead.