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Monitor Terraform Runs in Datadog


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Use Terraform, Scalr, and Datadog to reduce incidents, and when they happen, catch them quicker and restore service faster.

Incidents happen. Terraform is commonly used to fix infrastructure incidents, but what happens when the Terraform code or pipeline breaks? Observability and monitoring become more and more important as Terraform usage scales, which is why Scalr has partnered with Datadog to build a first class integration to monitor Terraform runs.

Build Dashbaord for Run Analysis

The integration streams the Terraform run execution event to Datadog for analysis. Use tags associated with Scalr objects, like workspaces and environments, to build dashboards or alerting with information such as:

  • Number of plans vs applies vs errored runs
  • The most active environments and/or workspaces
  • Thet most active users
  • The source of the run: CLI vs VCS vs API

Want to be alerted of errors in critical workspace? Build monitors to track events in those workspaces:

Create monitors for critical environments and workspaces

Using Terraform, Scalr, and Datadog together allows DevOps teams to operate at an extremely efficient scale by giving the end to end picture of their infrastructure provisioning and operations.

Get started now by connecting Scalr to Datadog here