June 10, 2021

Scalr RBAC Release

Ryan Fee

We are introducing the new RBAC functionality, part of the greater identity and access management capabilities, in Scalr!

In this first phase, we include five built-in roles that will give your users and teams more granular permissions within Scalr to ensure a greater level of security:

In the next few months, we will roll out the next phase, which will allow you to create custom roles.

You can find all of the details around RBAC in our docs here.

Note: While this blog references Terraform, everything mentioned in here also applies to OpenTofu. New to OpenTofu? It is a fork of Terraform 1.5.7 as a result of the license change from MPL to BUSL by HashiCorp. OpenTofu is an open-source alternative to Terraform that is governed by the Linux Foundation. All features available in Terraform 1.5.7 or earlier are also available in OpenTofu. Find out the history of OpenTofu here.

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A screenshot of the modules page in the Scalr Platform