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Save time, approve Terraform Runs from Slack


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Wouldn't it be great to discuss your Terraform code and approve it in real-time in one place? Scalr's integrations with Slack just got better with the ability to approve or deny runs in Slack. This will help you streamline your workflows and be more efficient, as you can use Slack to receive notifications and approve runs without having to switch between different tools. With the Scalr Slack integration you can now do all of the following from Slack:

  • Receive notifications when a run has:
    • Finished planning
    • Finished an apply
    • Approval is needed
    • Has an error
  • Approve or deny runs waiting for confirmation and add comments
  • View the plan output
A screenshot of Slack with a Plan approval.
Approve runs directly from Slack

No new IAM permissions are needed in Scalr to use this feature. When you authorize in Slack the Scalr app will sync with Scalr to ensure you have the appropriate approval permissions. See the full docs here.

All integrations are available on all plans.  Log in or Sign Up to try it now or learn more below!