November 20, 2023

OpenTofu Runs are Free in Scalr

Ryan Fee

Get a head start on your migration from Terraform to OpenTofu now with Scalr. All runs executed with OpenTofu are now free until at least January 15th, 2024. The stable release of OpenTofu is currently scheduled for mid December to mid January, but we wanted to give you the opportunity to start early without incurring any cost. With this, you’ll be able to use all of Scalr, including every feature, for free as the only thing Scalr charges for is a run.

What is OpenTofu?

OpenTofu is a fork of Terraform that is completely open source and the alternative to Terraform. It recently joined the Linux Foundation to ensure there is a free and viable infrastructure as code tool for the open source community. You can follow the project on Github here.

How To Get Started?

If you don’t have a Scalr account, sign up for free here. Once in Scalr, you’ll see a version for opentofu-1.6.0-alpha in the workspace pipeline settings. 

If you are migrating a workspace off of Terraform, the migration process is seamless. All you have to do is update the version in the workspace and execute a run, nothing else is needed. If you are migrating off of Terraform Cloud, this module can be used to help automate the process.

Sign up and get started today. 

Note: While this blog references Terraform, everything mentioned in here also applies to OpenTofu. New to OpenTofu? It is a fork of Terraform 1.5.7 as a result of the license change from MPL to BUSL by HashiCorp. OpenTofu is an open-source alternative to Terraform that is governed by the Linux Foundation. All features available in Terraform 1.5.7 or earlier are also available in OpenTofu. Find out the history of OpenTofu here.

Start using the Terraform platform of the future.

A screenshot of the modules page in the Scalr Platform