September 21, 2023

OpenTofu (formerly OpenTF) has joined the Linux Foundation

Sebastian Stadil

We are proud to support the launch of OpenTofu, formerly known as OpenTF, an open source alternative to Terraform's widely used infrastructure as code provisioning tool.

While Terraform has been instrumental in simplifying infrastructure management in cloud environments, recent licensing changes have raised concerns within the open source community. OpenTofu is an open source successor to the MPLv2-licensed Terraform that will be community-driven, impartial, layered and modular, and backward-compatible.

As of today, OpenTofu has been officially accepted into the Linux foundation. Read the announcement here.

Starting tomorrow, you will be able to test a pre-alpha release of OpenTofu in Scalr.

Thank you for the continued support and please let us know if you have any questions.

Check out keynote address below:

Start using the Terraform platform of the future.

A screenshot of the modules page in the Scalr Platform