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New Feature: Multi-Scope Shell Variables


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You can now use Scalr multi-scope shell variables to make it easier to set variables within workspaces.

Scalr is built with your organizational model in mind. You can set a variable at any of the scopes mentioned below and the lower level scope will then inherit it:

  • Account - Administrative scope where objects can be set and shared across environments.
  • Environment - An environment is a collection workspaces that logically belong together. All of the users in an environment will collaborate on the same set of workspaces.
  • Workspace - Where the Terraform runs happen and state, variables, history, etc are stored.

Multi-scope variables will help keep your code dry and ease the overhead of variable management whether in the UI or in code through the Scalr provider.

Common use cases are sharing provider credentials, resource tagging standards, setting locations, and much more.

You can find all of the details around this new feature in our docs here.

Give it a try and please feel free to submit a ticket here if you have any questions or feedback.