New Features
New Features
December 3, 2021

Scalr Now Integrates With Infracost For Cloud Cost Estimates

Sebastian Stadil

Today, we’re releasing our long-awaited integration with Infracost to bring you cost visibility and controls into your infrastructure pipelines.

We’re solving a few problems here.

First, it’s difficult to understand the financial impact of infrastructure changes, and as engineers controlling AWS and other cloud spend, we all have a responsibility to spend finite resources wisely.

Second, reviewing plans is often a pipeline bottleneck, and whatever can be done to accelerate and automate it is more than welcome. This means surfacing more relevant information, and providing folks with more opportunities to write policy code that will catch errors and apply controls. Here are some sample OPA cost control policies to get you started. 

Third, Infracost has emerged as the default way all cost estimation is done in Terraform, and they are leading the community of contributors to keep resource costs updated and accurate, and complete coverage of priced resources, something we’re all grateful for.

The new integration dramatically increases the number of resources covered in cost estimates, gives you a much more accurate estimate, and gives policy code writers a lot more to work with when writing sanity checks or even optimization / best practice recommendations.

It already transparently replaces our homegrown cost estimation step in your Terraform runs, as shown below:

Screenshot demonstrating Infracost.

Finally, check out our friends at for more cool things you can do to better manage your cloud spend.

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