Centralize Terraform administration while decentralizing operations

Scalr is the only Terraform Cloud alternative that gives you the controls, visibility, and flexibility to successfully decentralize your Terraform operations

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Collaboration and Automation for Terraform

Scalr is a remote state & operations backend for Terraform™ with full CLI support, integration with OPA, a hierarchical configuration model, and quality of life features.

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Hear what our users say about Scalr

Anton Babenko
HashiCorp Ambassador & AWS Community Hero

Scalr is an alternative to Terraform Cloud that a has great integration with the CLI and an intuitive interface.

Kurt Bachelder
VP Cloud Services, Sierra-Cedar

Scalr allows Sierra-Cedar to focus on one of our core businesses: deploying infrastructure-as-code at scale for our clients using Terraform. By migrating our Terraform code base to Scalr and taking advantage of Scalr’s many features for managing Terraform pipelines and workflows, we were able to chop two years’ worth or work from our development backlog.

Erik Rogneby
Director of Platform Engineering, Gannett/USA Today

Scalr allowed us to roll out true self-service provisioning of cloud infrastructure while maintaining some guardrails around policy and access privileges.  We went from one team gatekeeping the approval process, to 40 teams being able to self-manage their own needs.

Teemu Mäkelä
Senior Cloud Architect, Cloud2 Oy

Scalr's layered account/environment/workspace structure is great for cloud consulting companies like us with many customers. We have now visibility to all environments and we can easily configure access to developers in mixed teams.

A Terraform solution that scales as you grow

⚙️ Flexible Workflows

Grant app teams flexibility and autonomy over their workflows (CLI, UI, API or Module-driven), and eliminate the need for unnecessary tooling and documentation to use Terraform.

🚧 Controls

You can't decentralize responsibly without proper controls. Scalr gives you granular RBAC, Open Policy Agent-based policies, approval gates, and much more.

🔎 Visibility

Gain insight into overall Terraform usage across your organization with analytics and reports over failed runs, runs pending approval, run concurrency, module usage, provider usage, and policies.

Get started with Scalr in 3 steps

All the advantages of a cloud service for Terraform

Scalr is an ‘enhanced’ remote backend for Terraform, which means it manages your state files and executes your plans and applies. That means you get to:

Pushing to production faster, with all the necessary controls modern businesses require


Highest security standards

On top of being SOC2 certified, we regularly undergo audits of our environments and internal systems  performed by professional security firms to provide our customers with the highest security standards in the industry.

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Extensible and powerful integrations

Scalr events and data can be pushed to any external system through webhooks and custom hooks. Native integrations with popular security and collaboration tools such as Okta, Datadog and Slack will be available soon. 

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99.9% SLA & 24x7 support

Our global team of support engineers is able to provide 24x7 support no matter where you are in the world. Support is provided via our ticketing platform, Zoom calls and a community Slack workspace. 

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SOC 2 Certification

We have been certified SOC 2 Type I compliant by a independent auditor approved by the AICPA. Please check out the announcement to learn more about it and get a copy of the report.