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Enterprise-Grade Cloud Management

The Enterprise Cloud: Cost-Controlled. Automated. Standardized.

  • Scalr Account | Cloud software
  • Scalr Farm
  • Scalr Selfservice Role templates
Scalr enables today’s enterprises to achieve cost-effective, automated and standardized application deployments across multi-cloud environments.
Vendor Lock-In
Eliminate Vendor Lock-In

Consistently provision and enforce policy on multiple clouds through a powerful abstraction layer.

Ensure Security & Compliance

Easily create varying levels of trust through hierarchical policy enforcement and automated preventive controls

Enable Cost Control

Gain application-level visibility into cloud spend and reduce costs through financial policies and automated clean-ups

Organizational Productivity

Drive high-performance engineering teams through self-service and integrated development workflows

Standardize Cloud Usage

Create a standardized cloud workflow that finds the balance between the needs of IT, Finance, Security and the end-user


Case studies

  • Expedia benefits from:

    Expedia Case Study | Scalr Customers
    • End-to-end automation of the IT service request and fulfillment process
    • Vendor agnosticity and modularity
    • Balancing of business and IT requirements
  • Nasa JPL benefits from:

    JPL Case Study | Scalr customers
    • Governance and policy enforcement over Amazon, Microsoft, and OpenStack
    • Vendor agnosticity and modularity
    • Balancing of business and IT requirements
  • Samsung benefits from:

    Samsung Case Study | Scalr customers
    • Increased agility
    • Reduce Infrastructure Management Overhead & Costs
  • Showroom logic benefits from:

    Showroom Logic Case Study | Scalr customers
    • Agile Operations Enabled by SCALR's High Level Abstractions
    • Scalr’s Flexibility And Extensibility As A Cultural And Functional Fit
  • Mantle benefits from:

    Mantle Case Study | Scalr customers
    • A Single API to Access All Clouds.
    • A Single Interface to Govern All Infrastructure

Abstract your infrastructure, Improve your workflows

SCALR provides a single, unified API and UI to orchestrate your entire cloud
  • Leverage the tools you're already using; SCALR fits into your ecosystem

  • Use SCALR's modern, desired state engine to describe your applications with high-level declaratives

  • Governance and policy enforcement over Amazon, Microsoft, and OpenStack

Single pane of glass | Single UI and Single API

Choose your Scalr

Hosted Edition
Hosted Scalr | Hosted Edition for startups and SMEs

A SaaS version of the Scalr CMP. Get up and running in minutes with the Hosted Edition, gain access to the latest features and a highly available Cloud Management solution. The Hosted Edition is a great fit for startups and SMBs.

Enterprise edition
Enterprise edition | Scalr Enterprise Edition for Enterprise and Governmental organizations

Deploy Scalr on your premises, under your own terms, and behind your firewall. The Enterprise Edition is the best fit for enterprises and government organizations.

Community Edition
Open source Scalr | Community edition

Scalr is open source and available to be modified and resold freely. The Community Edition is the best fit for those looking to explore the platform.



  • "We looked at nearly everything. Scalr gives us what we need for a very modular infrastructure with flexibility and no lock-in."

    Chief Engineer

    IT Directorate
    at NASA JPL

  • “Scalr is an opinionated, high-level framework that encourages and helps us build applications that perform optimally on cloud infrastructure. As a result, we feel that Scalr has helped us use our cloud resources better, and secure a greater return on our investment in AWS.”

    Patrick McAndrew

    Senior DevOps Engineer at PeerJ

  • “The Hybrid Cloud Framework allowed us to greatly reduce provisioning times for operating environment resources. We’ve compressed processes that took days to complete to a matter of just minutes.”

    Rajeev Khanna

    Vice President, Global Infrastructure Services, Expedia

  • "Using Scalr enables us to provide our developers with standardized operating environments that are production-ready and immediately available. This lets our developers focus on application development and not on infrastructure management, and helps us get applications to market much faster."

    Hyok S. Choi

    Project Leader, Systems Architect and Principal Engineer
    at Samsung Electronics

  • “Once a cloud is chosen, migrating application servers to it will not take long at all, maybe a morning; all I need to do is copy and paste a few configuration settings. Scalr makes it easy to use N+1 public clouds!”

    Mike Selby

    Director at The Pensions
    Hosting Company Limited