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  • NASA JPL Case Study

    Case Study: NASA JPL

    “We looked at nearly everything. Scalr gives us what we need for a very modular infrastructure with flexibility and no lock-in.” 


    – Chief Engineer at the IT Directorate, JPL  

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  • Scalr-451-CMP-White-Paper

    Cloud Management Platforms:

    A Comparison of Product Categories

    Not all Cloud Management Platforms are created equal! New from 451 Research and Scalr. Read this white paper and determine the best CMP for your enterprise.


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  • Scalr Cloud Management Platform 

    The perfect balance for both development and IT. Automation & control for public, private, and hybrid clouds.

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  • Expedia_Case_Study

    Case Study: Expedia

    “Since we introduced the Hybrid Cloud Framework a year ago, we’ve launched over 20,000 instances and saved an estimated 20 effort-years through process automation.”

    Rajeev Khanna, Senior Vice President for Global Infrastructure Services

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  • scalr-cost-analytics

    Scalr Cost Analytics

    Track and Budget the Costs of Public and Private Cloud Resources

    Fully integrated into the Scalr Cloud Management Platform, Scalr Cost Analytics restores visibility and control to cloud spend.


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Scalr Cloud Management Solves:

Business Agility

The Scalr Cloud Management Platform packages all the cloud best practices in an extensible piece of software, giving your engineers the head start they need to finally focus on creating customer value, not on solving cloud problems.

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Multi-Cloud for Enterprise

Deploying infrastructure across multiple and largely incompatible cloud platforms? Scalr is a single pane of glass for all your cloud resources. It lets you access them through a single, unified, user interface.

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Governance & Security

Cloud puts a great deal of control and responsibility in the hands of your engineers. Scalr acts as an intermediary management layer between engineering and cloud infrastructure, and places ownership of information security back into the hands of your IT department.

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Start with the Right Architecture for Your Enterprise Cloud

The promise of self-service provisioning accelerating application delivery and business innovation — thus fostering corporate competitiveness — drives enterprises to the cloud. 
Gain the knowledge needed to make informed decisions for adopting enterprise-grade cloud computing. 


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Need to Achieve Cloud Agnosticity?

“Once a cloud is chosen, migrating application servers to it will not take long at all, maybe a morning; all I need to do is copy and paste a few configuration settings. Scalr makes it easy to use N+1 public clouds!”

- Mike Selby,
Director at The Pensions Hosting Company Limited


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Scalr is a web-based control panel for cloud infrastructure that serves as an interface between end users and the multiple cloud platforms that they use.

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Scalr is available on premises, or as a SaaS solution. Try Hosted Scalr Free for 30 days.
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Is your enterprise under pressure to increase the pace of innovation while maintaining management control? Scalr has designed a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) to address the complex and often conflicting needs of an enterprise adopting cloud.

Scalr offers the perfect balance for both development and IT, by delivering the precise control IT requires while simultaneously removing the barriers to efficiency that development teams confront managing cloud infrastructure.

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  • Reduce time to market
  • Improve cost effectiveness
  • Enforce infrastructure security
  • Deploy multi-cloud infrastructure
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Scalr Named Gartner Cool Vendor in CMP 2014



Gartner has featured Scalr in two new reports, "Cool Vendors in Cloud Management 2014" and "Market Guide for Open Source CMPs."

 “Scalr appeals to agile development environments and architectures; it speeds development with infrastructure content, yet offers governance and manageability.”

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Ready to learn more about Scalr? We've created videos to help you get started.

From defining your farm architecture to autoscaling, we'll show you how easy it is to develop, deploy and manage cloud native applications across your enterprise.

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Leverage Zapier to integrate Scalr with PagerDuty, Atlassian HipChat, Slack and more!

 Scalr, as a piece of software, is a team player. It’s always been easy to integrate Scalr with technologies you already use and fit it into your ecosystem. Well, it just got even easier. It’s always been easy to integrate Scalr with technologies you already use and fit it into your...

Gannett standardizes cloud with Chef and Scalr [Video]

One of the best things about conferences like re:Invent, is that they allow you to learn from the experience industry veterans. Many companies have felt the pains of dealing with large, unstructured pools of IT resources, and some companies have found their way out of these pits of IT hell.  ...

Scalr Community Edition v5.8 is out!

I know, I know, it’s been out for a while now, but hey, better late than never. As you might know, Scalr Community Edition is the free, open source, fully featured version of the Scalr Enterprise CMP. It’s a snapshot of an earlier release of the Enterprise Edition, so any feature released in...