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    Reduce time to market.

    Control expenditure and enforce IT governance.

    Deploy across multiple cloud environments.

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    Case Study: PeerJ

    “Using Scalr, we are able to focus on developing our product and can safely hand over its lifecycle management to Scalr. We are saving a lot of time, which lets us take our product to market faster.”

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    Autoscaling & Cloudbursting: How Do We Get There?

    How to use Cloud-Native design to make the magic happen. Read how on the Scalr blog.

  • Case Study: Think Through Math

    "Adopting Scalr increased developer agility, as it made it easy for us to continuously

    our applications to production, thanks to its

    orchestration framework."

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Scalr Cloud Management Solves:

feature1-smallBusiness Agility

The Scalr Cloud Management Platform packages all the cloud best practices in an extensible piece of software, giving your engineers the head start they need to finally focus on creating customer value, not on solving cloud problems.

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feature2-smallMulti-Cloud for Enterprise

Deploying infrastructure across multiple and largely incompatible cloud platforms? Scalr is a single pane of glass for all your cloud resources. It lets you access them through a single, unified, user interface.

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feature3-smallGovernance & Security

Cloud puts a great deal of control and responsibility in the hands of your engineers. Scalr acts as an intermediary management layer between engineering and cloud infrastructure, and places ownership of information security back into the hands of your IT department.

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Start with the Right Architecture for Your Enterprise Cloud

The promise of self-service provisioning accelerating application delivery and business innovation — thus fostering corporate competitiveness — drives enterprises to the cloud. 
Gain the knowledge needed to make informed decisions for adopting enterprise-grade cloud computing. 



“Adopting Scalr increased developer agility, as it made it easy for us to continuously deploy our applications to production, thanks to its very flexible orchestration framework.”

- Chris Geihsler,
Senior Software Engineer at Think Through Math


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Scalr is a web-based control panel for cloud infrastructure. that serves as an interface between end users and the multiple cloud platforms that they use.

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Scalr is available on premises, or as a SaaS solution. Try Hosted Scalr Free for 30 days.
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Is your enterprise is under pressure to increase the pace of innovation while maintaining management control? Scalr has designed a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) to address the complex and often conflicting needs of an enterprise adopting cloud.

Scalr delivers the perfect balance for both development and IT, by delivering the precise control IT requires while simultaneously removing the barriers to efficiency that development confronts managing cloud infrastructure.

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  • Reduce time to market
  • Improve cost effectiveness
  • Enforce infrastructure security
  • Deploy multi-cloud infrastructure

Facilitate the Deployment of Cloud-Native Applications 



“Thanks to Scalr, we’ve been able to focus on what matters to our business: building PeerJ. Naturally, infrastructure management is critical, but it’s definitely not our core business. Scalr’s Cloud Management software has been a great help in automating that aspect of our operations.”

Patrick McAndrew, Senior DevOps Engineer

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See for Yourself

Ready to learn more about Scalr? We've created videos to help you get started.

From defining your farm architecture to autoscaling, we'll show you how easy it is to develop, deploy and manage cloud native applications across your enterprise.

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