Introducing Scalr 5.1

by Sebastian Stadil on Dec 16, 2014 7:03:00 PM

The hardworking team at Scalr is proud to announce the release of Scalr 5.1!

Similar to Scalr 5.0, Scalr 5.1 furthers our commitment to enabling enterprise IT departments to efficiently manage and secure their hybrid cloud infrastructure in a way that not only preserves developer agility, but also furthers it.

However, unlike Scalr 5.0, which focused on delivering new features with the introduction of Cost Analytics, Webhooks and more, Scalr 5.1 constitutes an effort to consolidate: throughout the 5.1 development cycle, we expanded upon existing features, and focused on improving usability and stability.

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AWS Re-Invent: Enterprise Cloud Management Impressions from the Show Floor Part 2

by Thomas Orozco on Nov 19, 2014 5:48:00 PM

In our last blog post, we shared our insights on three new AWS feature announcements made at re:Invent. Indeed, there were so many announcements at the conference that we’ve continued our analysis in this second blog on AWS. Let’s start by looking at AWS Key Management Service (KMS).


AWS KMS can be thought of as two cloud security solutions merged into one. First, KMS lets you create and configure custom encryption keys that AWS can then use to encrypt data on your behalf—for example to encrypt EBS Volumes, and Redshift and S3 data. As you’d expect from a security service, KMS also provides audit reports on the use of those keys.

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AWS re:Invent: Enterprise Cloud Management Impressions from the Show Floor Part 1

by Thomas Orozco on Nov 18, 2014 12:21:00 AM

The third annual AWS Re:Invent conference did not disappoint. With several new features announced on stage this week, there is a lot to synthesize. Let’s start with Amazon Aurora.

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It's Right Around The Corner! The OpenStack Summit in Paris

by Thomas Orozco on Oct 31, 2014 9:32:00 AM

The OpenStack Summit in Paris starts next week, and it’s going to be exciting, with more than 4,000 expected attendees! This year around, we’ll be celebrating the recent Juno OpenStack release, and look forward to the upcoming Kilo release.

Of course, and for the third consecutive time, Scalr will be present at the Summit.

  • We’ll be there as sponsor (and we’ll be happy to meet you in booth E17)

  • Scalr CEO Sebastian Stadil will be presenting in “Top Hybrid Cloud Myths Debunked”, Wednesday 5th at 15:30

Come by and say hello to get:

  • A demo,

  • Your cloud and Scalr questions answered,

  • Your hands on unique Scalr stickers!


See you in Paris!

-- The Scalr Team 

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Helping Expedia Save 20 Effort Years through Process Automation

by Megan Tobin on Oct 28, 2014 8:00:00 AM

We recently published a case study featuring our customer Expedia, highlighting how they are using Scalr to support their Hybrid Cloud Framework project.  Today, I’m happy to provide you with an exciting update regarding their results. 

One of Expedia’s primary business motivators for its move to a hybrid cloud was to increase business agility. Cloud achieves this by providing developers with the ability to provision resources themselves as needed – rather than through a traditional ticket-based provisioning process.  In automating and streamlining this process for its developers, Scalr has helped significantly improve Expedia’s operational efficiency and business agility – to the tune of twenty years of human effort.

As an industry, we often talk about the promise of cloud computing in growing an organization’s ability to develop faster and in turn innovate faster, which then feeds corporate competitive advantage.  However, it is phenomenal when we can actually see the promise come to fruition. And in Expedia’s case it is fueling time-to-market that is critical to business success in their highly competitive market segment.

Don’t take my word for it. According to Rajeev Khanna, Vice President, Global Infrastructure Services at Expedia, “Since we introduced the Hybrid Cloud Framework a year ago, we’ve launched over 20,000 instances and saved an estimated 20 effort-years through process automation.”

We’re proud to be part of Expedia’s success and its ability to deliver self-service infrastructure throughout the development process, giving Expedia’s many development teams the ability to better implement and test releases without needing to worry about IT policies or wait for IT to manually provision infrastructure.


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