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Deploy the SCALR Cloud Management Platform in the edition that best suits your needs.

Scalr Hosted Edition

Up and running in minutes

SCALR Hosted Edition is a SaaS version of SCALR. Enjoy the latest features with no setup, perfect for startups and SMBs:

  • Start at $99 Monthly support fee

  • Pay as you go: 5000 free SCALR Compute Units. Extra SCUs for $0.02 / SCU (usage base fee)

  • Online ticket support

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Scalr Enterprise Edition

SCALR Enterprise Edition is the best fit for enterprises and government organizations.
  • LDAP integration, Single Sign On

  • High Availability

  • Complete training and certifications included

  • Advanced Cost Analytics reporting for financial administrators

  • One or multiple SCALR installations

  • 24/7 support with SLA

  • Centralized management for multiple SCALR accounts

  • On-premise, behind your corporate firewall (optional)

Scalr Community Edition

Try SCALR for yourself or explore the code.

SCALR Community Edition is the best fit for those looking to explore the platform and to build and test their projects on their own without direct support from SCALR. SCALR is open source and available to be modified and resold freely. Documentation is freely available, and the project can be found on Github.

Community support is available through public mailing lists. Commercial support is only available through the Enterprise Edition. SCALR Community Edition is a static snapshot of the enterprise edition, and is approximately 8 months behind the Enterprise Edition in capability and features.

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