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Deploy the SCALR Cloud Management Platform in the edition that best suits your needs.

Scalr Enterprise Edition

Open Source Scalr

Try SCALR for yourself or explore the code.

Scalr’s core product, open source and free. Open Source Scalr is deployed on premises and includes the essential tools for effective Cloud automation and management.

This edition of Scalr is the best fit for those looking to explore the platform and to test projects on their own without direct support from Scalr. Documentation is freely available and the project can be found on GitHub.

Download Scalr

Hosted Scalr

Up and running in minutes

The SaaS version of the Scalr Enterprise-Grade Cloud Management Platform. Leverage the latest features in a fully managed environment, no setup required.

Hosted Scalr is the best fit for startups, SMBs and small enterprises looking to deliver a self-service, automated cloud. Hosted Scalr delivers Enterprise-Grade governance through Scalr’s policy engine with the convenience of a managed platform.

Please note that on October 1st, new pricing will be in effect.

Pricing will be calculated as followed: $99/mo for up to 20 simultaneous Cores under management + $0.02/hour per Core beyond those 20.

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Enterprise Scalr

Enterprise Scalr is the best fit for enterprises and government organizations.

The fully featured version of the Scalr Enterprise-Grade Cloud Management Platform. This edition is the best fit for large companies looking to deliver a truly Enterprise-Grade cloud.

Enterprise Scalr can be deployed on premises behind your firewall, or offered as a managed SaaS. Enterprise Scalr includes the full breadth of features required to set and enforce hierarchical policies, manage Cloud costs, ensure compliance and more.