Scalr helps structure Terraform deployments

The Scalr account, environment, and workspace concepts helps any size company manage their Terraform structure. Whether you have a monorepo or module per repo, Scalr can help you scale as you grow your Terraform usage.

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"The Scalr structure is a flexible hierarchy that meets the needs of various business models"

DevOps Lead @ Fortune 500 Company

Private module registry enabling code reuse

- Store the most commonly used modules in the cross-environment registry
- Create team specific modules within an environment
- Deploy workspaces from modules

Module Registry
Environment Shell Variables

Variable inheritance

Shell variables can be managed at multiple levels allowing for inheritance and less guess work by end users while enforcing standardization.

Environments enable segmentation and scalable structure

- Environments are logical groupings of workspaces that related to each other
- Structure environments by apps, cloud accounts, SDLC stage, or any other grouping
- Apply custom RBAC to teams at the environments and/or workspace levels

Admin level to maintain control over environments

- Push variables, modules, and credentials to the workspaces
- Maintain a cross environment module registry
- Apply OPA policy to environments
- Controls users and team with custom RBAC
- View policies and resources across environments

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