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Scalr is an enhanced remote backend for Terraform with native CLI support, OPA instead of Sentinel and fair pricing.

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Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC) & Single Sign On (SSO)
Private Module Registry
Open Policy Agent Integration
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Extend the core Terraform workflow (“Write, Plan, Apply”)

Scalr is a remote operations backend for Terraform. It executes Terraform operations and stores state, in Scalr itself allowing for easy collaboration across your organization. Easily onboard an existing GitOps or native Terraform CLI based workflows into Scalr with little to no modification to your actual code.

Govern Terraform deployments using OPA instead of Sentinel

Open Policy Agent is a unified toolset and framework for policy across the cloud native stack. It is free and open source. Use OPA to enforce policies in Terraform, microservices, Kubernetes, CI/CD pipelines, API gateways, … and avoid having to learn new policy languages for each tool.

Policy Group CheckMulti tenancy account

Keep your Terraform projects DRY

Objects, configurations and policies are shared across multiple organizational units to reduce management overhead.

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Terraform Enterprise

Same ...

Remote operations
Check CircleCheck Circle
State management
Check CircleCheck Circle
CLI support
Check CircleCheck Circle
VCS Integration
Check CircleCheck Circle
Secrets management
Check CircleCheck Circle
Workspace management
Check CircleCheck Circle
Private module registry
Check CircleCheck Circle
Check CircleCheck Circle
Self-hosted agents
Check CircleCheck Circle
Check CircleCheck Circle
Check CircleCheck Circle

... but different

Affordable (max $40 / workspace / month)
Check Circle
Organizational hierarchy
Check Circle
Policy as code
Open Policy Agent
Policy dry runs
Check Circle
Policy impact analysis
Check Circle