SaaS Support Policy - Public Beta

Scope of support

Technical support services for the Scalr platform,, during the public beta commencing on October 1, 2020.

Support levels

Scalr provides the following levels of support for during the public beta.

Free Tier Scalr Promo Tier
Support Response Best efforts (1) Priority based
Support Coverage Business Hours (UK/US) Business Hours (UK/US)
Ticket based support Yes Yes
Real time support (video conf) (2) No Yes
Priority 0 (3) No Yes
Priority 1 No Yes
Priority 2 No Yes
Priority 3 No Yes
Priority 4 Yes Yes
Dedicated Portal Support Yes Yes
Scalr community Slack channel No Yes

(1) Best efforts support - Scalr support will endeavour to respond within the same business day but cannot guarantee this.
(2) Real time support for priority 1-3 issues only, if required by Scalr Support.
(3) Priority zero available when Scalr becomes GA.

Priority Definitions, Coverage and Response times

Response times are the maximum. In general Scalr will respond to tickets in priority order as they are logged. Tickets priorities must be set correctly and Scalr reserves the right to alter ticket priorities, up and down, if they do not match the actual impact and urgency of the issues.

Priority Description Coverage Response Time
0 (Blocker) Production use of the Software is stopped or so severely impacted that it cannot continue to operate, and the operation is mission critical to the business. Not applicable to Public beta N/A
1 (Critical) Experiencing a significant disruption in business critical usage of the Software. Important features are unavailable with no acceptable workaround; however, operations can continue in a restricted fashion. Business hours UK/US 1 hour
2 (Major) A major fault with the software causing non-production usage to be severely impacted. Workarounds may exist but are time consuming/costly. Business hours UK/US 2 hours
3 (Minor) A minor fault with the software / service. The impact is an inconvenience, which may require a workaround to restore functionality. Business hours UK/US 1 business day
4 (Trivial) Requesting information, a product enhancement, or other clarification regarding the Software. Business hours UK/US 2 business days

Support Process

  • All support requests must be created by opening a support ticket via Scalr’s web-based support portal.
  • Responses will be through the support portal and customers will receive email notifications. These emails can be replied to in order to add additional comments to the support ticket.
  • Real time collaboration via video conferencing will be requested by Scalr to progress priority 1-3 issues only if required. Scalr will use the Zoom system but can use customers' own video conferencing system if required.

Upgrades and Maintenance

Throughout the public beta there will be regular updates to the Scalr software to implement new features, enhancements and bug fixes. These schedule for these maintenance updates is as follows:

Maintenance Schedule

Every Tuesday and Thursday

  • UK : 11:00
  • US ET : 06:00
  • US PT : 03:00

Maintenance Impact

Customers should assume that Scalr will perform maintenance on every occasion in the schedule. Maintenance typically lasts no more than 30 minutes during which customers experience the following.

  • System may show as unavailable for brief periods of time
  • UI and API maybe slow or unresponsive
  • Unexpected error messages may appear
  • Terraform runs may be delayed/queued
  • You may be logged out and have to log back in again

Maintenance Notifications

For customers of the Promo Tier Scalr will post messages in the #general channel at at the start and end of each maintenance.


No support for:

  • third-party software used in conjunction with the Software,
  • altered, customized or modified software or any portion of the Software incorporated with or into other software,
  • Terraform™
  • Open Policy Agent

In respect of Terraform and Open Policy Agent, Scalr support will use best endeavors to provide advice and guidance on using this software with Scalr, including examples, best practices etc. However bugs/issues with Terraform and Open Policy Agent should be raised in the relevant support channels/communities.