Terraform Platform for Startups


Free and Easy Infra Foundation

Lowering burn and maximizing runway while ruthlessly prioritizing product-market fit and scaling a company is an incredibly hard proposition to juggle. Laying down a good development foundation early on with Scalr alongside favorites such as Gitlab/Github and Jira can make things a lot easier. Best of all, it’s free!
"Using Scalr to manage our Terraform deployments has enabled us to put necessary governance and controls around not only who can deploy to our infrastructure, but what, and was fundamental in helping us achieve SOC2 certification for our deployment procedures."

Jay Schwerberg
Engineering Manager, Merit

Paid Plans for Maturing the Organization

With seasonal sales events such as Cyber Monday come the increased likelihood of revenue-eroding performance issues. Scalr has dramatically decreased mean time-to-recovery for many retailers by making it straightforward, reliable, and safe to deploy infrastructure updates through policies, clear deployment process, and tools for more effective cross-service collaboration.

Designed for People Wearing Multiple Hats

The hallmark of any startup is the necessity of having people hold multiple roles. Scalr makes this reality easier to manage with tools to see who did what and when, understand why, and keep track while everyone moves at high velocity.