Terraform Platform for Retail


Be data-driven and customer-obsessed

Retail is one of the hardest, difficult industries to be in, and the only way to survive–let alone thrive–is the serve the customer better than the competition. This requires a culture of experimentation, and Scalr facilitates this by making it easier to try new services and prototype new architectures while keeping a very close eye to expenses.
"Scalr allows us to structure teams and give them access into their own spaces hence making it more self served, in TFC the DevOps team needed to have access to their variables etc and they had to go through us any time a change was needed."

Tariq Yousuf
DevOps Manager, Bunnings

Ensure website reliability for seasonal promotions

With seasonal sales events such as Cyber Monday come the increased likelihood of revenue-eroding performance issues. Scalr has dramatically decreased mean time-to-recovery for many retailers by making it straightforward, reliable, and safe to deploy infrastructure updates through policies, clear deployment process, and tools for more effective cross-service collaboration.

Reduce cloud operating costs

Margins are everything in the retail world, and cloud is a very real expense. Creating a modern infrastructure deployment pipeline with a good visibility and collaboration workflows, with a robust set of cost controls are proven to reduce waste, idle infrastructure, and over-provisioned services.