Terraform Platform for Financial Services


Accelerate DevOps initiatives, cloud migrations, and other modernization efforts

With 1000s of providers, Terraform is a once-in-a-generation technology to standardize infrastructure provisioning. Scalr takes this further by providing the workflow management, execution history, access controls, and policies to deploy it at scale across the organization. Scalr becomes a foundational platform to help financial services firms ensure that modernization projects stay on or ahead of schedule, and makes decisions easier for architects migrating to the cloud.
"Using Scalr to manage our Terraform deployments has enabled us to put necessary governance and controls around not only who can deploy to our infrastructure, but what, and was fundamental in helping us achieve SOC2 certification for our deployment procedures."

Jay Schwerberg
Engineering Manager, Merit

Break down silos with a shared-work culture

Scalr enables cross-team visibility and collaboration by bringing all applications, workspaces, and modules into one platform. Dispersed teams working on separate modules can share their work, gain visibility into how other teams are using it, and provide better shared services. All teams can view and share the results of plans, applies, and infrastructure updates over email, Slack, and other collaboration tools, regardless of their geographical location, business function, or technology stack.

Ensure top-notch customer experience

Modern financial services firms must deliver a reliable, secure, exceptional customer experience across web properties and mobile applications. To ensure innovation and performance of customer-facing systems, firms need to lower the friction of provisioning new services for experimentation, prototyping, and preparing for production. Scalr provides comprehensive tools across the infrastructure lifecycle to facilitate and lower the cost of provisioning services in organizations subject to strict security, compliance and regulatory obligations.

Understand customers’ digital experience

With potentially millions of customers accessing banking websites and mobile apps from multiple devices, financial services firms generate a seemingly unmanageable volume of data about the customer experience. Scalr allows financial services companies to provision and manage the infrastructure in support of performance and customer experience objectives, across tens of millions of customers. Granular access controls and custom workflow policies provide everything needed to ensure that engineering teams are fully empowered to deliver a leading digital experience.