SOC-2 Compliance
the Terraform Way

Scalr makes it easy to create reusable, SOC-2 compliant environments as code, with tools to manage and update them throughout their lifecycle.

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"We were under so much pressure from management to pass our SOC-2 audit that we started rolling out our own controls.
Fortunately we found Scalr. Its premade controls, RBAC, and sample policies accelerated us."

DevOps Manager @ Hyperscale Startup

Logical Separation of Dev and Prod

SOC-2 compliance mandates logical separation of development and production environments. Not only does Scalr make this easy, it does so in a reusable, as-code manner.

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Approvals for Production Changes

SOC-2 also requires any changes to production be reviewed and approved by a second person called Authorized Reviewer. Set this up with ease in Scalr.

Compliance Evidence Collection

When comes time for your audit, you'll want to have collected evidence of your organization's compliance to your policies. Scalr stores this for you, so you can finish that audit ASAP.

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Change Request Review Automation

SOC-2 mandates that change requests be reviewed for compliance to your security, confidentiality, and availability policies. Automate these reviews with Scalr's OPA policy as code integration.

Compliance as Code

Make continuous compliance a reality. Write all your policies and workflows as code, and bake them into reusable Terraform-based environments every time a dev team needs one.

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Accelerate passing SOC-2 compliance with Scalr

Create a free account from this specific page, and follow our custom in-app Terraform SOC-2 onboarding process.
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