Self Service For All

Scalr offers the only Cloud Management solution that serves all types of users. Based on their identity and the environments they operate in, different users will only see the resources and provisioning options relevant to them.

With the Service Catalog, Scalr can be used by a much broader audience to manage applications in the cloud without needing extensive training. The catalog lists published blueprints and asks for only the input the Farm requires, like instance size or security group.

Role Based Self-Service

Based on their identity and operating environments, users will have different provisioning portals displayed to them. The Farm Builderallows more advanced users the operational flexibility they need, while the service catalog offers simple provisioning of anything from a single server to an automated app stack.

Build and Deliver

Scalr Farm Templates make it easy to build complete application stacks, and offer them as catalog items. Farm Templates are a textual representation of your app’s desired state. Everything from images, networking and storage to automation and auto-scaling. Farm Templates make your applications portable, and easy to access.

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