Compliant Cloud Environments. Secure Workloads. Safe Users.

Create auto-compliant environments that keep your users safe in the cloud (and the cloud safe from users)

Cloud Security Through Conditional Policies

Security policies are not a “one size fits all” effort. Scalr creates conditional policies that match relevant workloads with the appropriate security policy. For example – “place Windows instances in the ALLOW_RDP Security Group, and Linux instances in the ALLOW_SSH Security Group. Allow/Disallow users to specify additional Security groups when provisioning applications”.

Regulate Permission With Role Based Access

Large enterprises require varying levels of trust, developers on their first week require a tighter guardrail than members of the Office of the CTO. Scalr creates detailed Role Based Access policies that determine what users can do once they’ve gained access to an Environment. Use Access Policies to decide if users can modify security groups, generate their own SSH keys and more.

Achieve Compliance with Custom Policies

The Scalr Policy Engine empowers enterprises to create policies that match the purpose of each environment. For example, the Staging, Production and Testing environments should have different policies. For each Environment, enforce policies on which networks should be used and whether they should be public or private, data encryption and more.

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