Samsung – CASE STUDY

Learn how Samsung delivers self-service to developers with Scalr!

CI/CD Workflow with Jenkins and Scalr

Watch this quick video to learn how you can use Scalr to automate your CI/CD pipeline!

Scalr Video Overview

Watch this quick video to get an overview of how enterprises benefit from the Scalr Cloud Management Platform.

How To Automate New Relic Monitoring with Scalr

Watch this quick video to learn how to integrate Scalr with your monitoring tool of choice, in this example: New Relic.

Using Scalr With Service Now

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Scalr Solution Overview

An in-depth overview of the Scalr Cloud Management Platform. Learn how enterprises drive cloud adoption while maintaining cost and security standards.

Cloud Cost Management With Scalr – Solution Brief

Learn how enterprises leverage Scalr to track cloud costs and drive accountability and responsible spending.


Learn how NASA JPL enforces policies on multiple cloud platforms with Scalr.

Gartner 2017 CMP Market Guide

Learn about the CMP landscape, and what functional areas an enterprise CMP should cover.

Expedia – CASE STUDY

Learn how Expedia reduced operational overhead with Scalr

Creating Self-Service for Datacenter and Cloud

In this webinar, we’ll talk about how enterprises build hybrid environments and deliver the self-service users expect, without sacrificing control or visibility.

How Self-Service Impacts Cloud Spend

In this webinar, we’ll discuss how self-service impacts cloud spend, and how it can be used to ensure a cost-effective cloud.

Scaling Dockerized Apps with Kubernetes and Scalr

In this webinar, we work through an example of how you can leverage Scalr to easily deploy applications to Kubernetes clusters.

451 Research: CMP Comparison

To meet enterprise needs, a seemingly endless stream of cloud management platforms (CMPs) are emerging. It’s important to recognize that they are not all created equally.

How To Create Autonomous Teams with The Cloud Service Gateway

Should IT limit their users according to the CMP's support matrix? How can we empower our users to innovate with Cloud Services while perserving control and governance?