Create Proactive Cloud Cost Controls and Insights

Cost savings and predictability are key drivers of cloud adoption in the enterprise. But managing the complex costs of rapidly growing hybrid and multi-cloud environments has become a big challenge. Effective cost control is vital to the success of any cloud strategy, but cost control goes beyond visibility. Scalr provides a single console for tracking, budgeting, and assigning costs at scale, across public and private clouds. The Scalr policy engine builds proactive guardrails that prevent overspending through reclamation and placement policies. Scalr gives IT actionable reports, and the tools to turn insights into cost-saving solutions.  

Actionable Cost Insights

Scalr’s Federated IT approach maps to the your organizational structure, so cost reporting and tracking is customized to showcase costs across applications, projects, teams, business units. This creates actionable reports and makes it easier to hold teams accountable and make intelligent budget decisions.

Proactive Budget Controls

Automate budget and resource-type policies as guardrails within the provisioning process for business units, teams, and projects. Teams can take advantage of self service delivery of resources to move fast and innovate without putting budgets at risk. Runaway spend is finally a thing of the past.

Automated Cost Analytics Engine

Scalr analyzes usage trends to make suggestions for teams to improve costs through recommendations around reclamation policies, reserved instances, and workload rightsizing, which teams can either allow automatically or approve manually.

Contextual Analysis

Without context, managing overspend is difficult because the consequences of making changes are unknown. Instead of starting with machine costs, Scalr starts with the application or project is overspending, and then drills down into which tier or particular machine is the root of the problem.

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