Policy Guardrails That Keep Your Cloud On Track

Cost, Security, Placement, and Automation policies that adapt to your organizational structure. Gain the safety that Enterprise IT expects, but at the speed of DevOps.

Cloud Policies

Create and enforce usage policies across your multi-cloud environments, building “guardrails” that ensure end-users can only make the right choices.

  • “All servers in the PCI PROD environment, that are launched in the US-EAST-1 region, must use ChefServer1”
  • “All Linux servers in the STAGING environment, must use the ALLOW_SSH security group”
  • “All servers in the DEV/TEST environment, must be automatically tagged with the LDAP username of their owner and associated cost center.”

Lifecycle Policies

Create application lifecycle policies, bootstrap servers and automate workflows. Leverage the Scalr orchestration engine or any configuration management tool such as Puppet, Chef and Ansible.

  • “Whenever a new database server comes online, run an auto-discovery script on all front-end servers in the stack”
  • “Whenever CPU usage is over 80%, scale the application up, when it drops below 70% scale down”
  • “Install Kubernetes and designate a master, then schedule containers based on which servers have SSD storage”

Access Policies

Create Role Based Access Control policies to ensure end-users are only presented with the options and permission relevant to them.

  • “Members of the DBA Contractors team may view the security groups that are enforced on their infrastructure but may not modify them or create new ones”
  • “The Financial Administrators may view budget consumption reports and create financial policies but may not provision applications”
  • “Members of the PCI Admin team may view and use SSH keys, but may not retrieve Windows passwords”
  • “Members of the First Week Developers team may only provision pre-built applications stacks from the catalog, and may not build their own stacks”

Integration Policies

SCALR fits into your existing ecosystem and integrates with the systems you already have in place, like CMDBs, notification, security and audit systems.

  • “Whenever a server unexpectedly goes down, send me a PagerDuty notification”
  • “Log all provisioning requests to ServiceNow”
  • “Feed the Scalr Audit Log into Datadog for monitoring and visualization”
  • “All users must login through SAML SSO”

Financial Policies

Create a cost-effective multi-cloud environment through app-level financial visibility, budgeting tools and cost reduction policies.

  • “Whenever over 80% of a budget is consumed, notify the relevant project lead”
  • “All applications in the QA Environment have a 5 day lifetime. To get an extension, users must submit a request with a business justification”
  • “Automatically terminate all servers used for training”
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