Turn Your Infra Team into a Platform Team

Scalr gives you all the tools you need to serve product teams without toil : those one-offs that help that one team without helping all teams.

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"Scalr has made it a whole lot easier for us to act as a service provider to our application teams, focusing on enablement and foundations, while reducing one-offs for specific teams."

Infrastructure Team Lead @ Fortune 500 Company

Stop Spending Time on One-Offs

It's easy to get stuck in the now–all it takes is being helpful right now. But before you know it, you've spent the day, week, month helping out individual developers with their problems, and you've made no progress solving for everyone.

Instead, Scalr makes it easy to replace each potential one-off with an improvement that benefits all. Code review automation, integrations, Terraform modules, request intake, policies, and access controls, all from one place.

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How Scalr Helps

Toil happens when your team is constantly working overtime because it has never made the long term investments in a platform required to scale.

Reverse that by using Scalr to lay down the long term foundation of your platform. Start by writing Terraform code to manage cloud setup, refactor into modules and encourage reuse with a module registry, set up user permissions and access controls, and learn from mistakes by introducing policy checks.

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1. Easy management, reporting, and governance for each new level of scale.

2. Facilitated sharing, reuse, collaboration, code reviews and more with features for end-to-end automation.

3. Fast ROI plus everything need as you grow: module registry, pipeline customization, access controls, and policy checks.

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How It Works

Scalr is a cloud execution service for Terraform that extends the core Terraform "write, plan, apply" workflow with a number of features designed for scaling Terraform usage, including:
1. Module Registry to facilitate discovery and reuse, and reduce duplication
2. Pipeline customization to integrate community tools as needed
3. User access controls when you start having too many cooks in the kitchen
4. Policy checks when you start your compliance journey
5. Reporting to understand how your platform is being used
6. Scopes to preserve manageability with more teams and more projects

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Easy to Get Started

Scalr provides the easiest way to set up, govern, and provision projects. Projects are configured environments with baseline sets of secured cloud infrastructure, policies, best practices, guidelines, centrally managed services, user accounts and access controls for your application teams.

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