Lead the Digital Transformation Without Compromise

As the leader of your company’s digital transformation efforts, you are involved with the challenges of every aspect of cloud computing. You need a way to consolidate control and visibility on the one hand but facilitate innovation and agility on the other – bridging the gap between IT and the lines of business. Scalr policies, reporting, and workflows all follow the customer’s organizational structure, making it easy to operate at scale. With Scalr, IT can give business units the autonomy they need to move fast without compromising on policy.

Optimize Cloud Costs Proactively

Make the most from your financial reports by turning deep insights into proactive cost solutions. Reactive cost policies will only get you so far and will likely slow cloud adoption. By automating these cost policies within the provisioning process, you can allow business units and their development teams to self service, move fast, and innovate without putting budgets at risk.

Gain visibility and control across platforms

Scalr provides a single pane of glass for each platform in your single, hybrid, or multi-cloud environment. By alleviating dependence on a single cloud platform, Scalr helps you avoid vendor lock-in while freeing teams to use the technology that will allow them to deliver the most value.

Enable Innovation Across BUs

Scalr’s Federated IT model gives freedom to Business Units and teams to develop and deploy fast while staying within set guardrails and following best practices. Customized Self Service portals alleviate the bottlenecks that slow deployment pipelines, keeping teams fast and agile.

Mitigate Digital Transformation Risks

Automate cloud governance by allowing IT to set policies relevant for each business unit. By enforcing policy at the organizational level and not just the application level, Scalr delegates autonomy to BUs and teams, removing the incentive for Shadow IT and mitigating security, compliance, and cost management risks.

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