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Creating Environments

An environment is a child of an account and will inherit anything that is placed or assigned to it at the account level. Each environment is connected to one or more cloud platforms. One or more teams can be granted access to each environment. Environments can correspond to

  • An SDLC environment: Dev, QA, or Prod

  • An application

  • A logical group of physical resources: Non-Prod and Prod

  • Or More

There isn’t a “rule” for what an environment can be, it is just a way to add more multi-tenancy and logical groupings to Scalr.

Environments can only be created by account administrators. To create an environment, first ensure you are logged into the account scope. Next, click on the main Scalr menu on the top left MENU_ACC, and go down to environments.

Click on New environment -> IaCP, enter the Name, which can be changed at a later time, and Save.


Configuring Environments

To get working with Scalr you must set up environments where you workspaces and service catalog will be configure and used.

You must follow these steps to initially configure at least one environment. Make sure you are logged in to the account scope (Green), if you are not, click on the environment name and then click on the account:






More Info

Add Cloud Credentials

Scalr can pass access keys etc into workspaces via Variables

Cloud Credentials

  • Set up access in cloud provider

  • In Scalr “Add Credentials”

  • Pick the cloud type, complete form and save.


Terraform Provider Authentication

Create Teams

Teams allow users access to environments. You need at least one team.


  • Click “New Team”

  • Give the team a name.

  • Set Default ACL to “Full access (No Admin)” (NOTE: ACL’s are not yet implemented in Scalr IaC Platform

  • Add your user to the Team

  • SAVE


Create Users

If you want any additional users add them now


  • Click “New User”

  • Enter their emails

  • Click “Add to Team” and select the team created previously

  • Add and SAVE


Create IaCP Environment

Environments are where workspaces are managed and Terraform Runs take place. The Service Catalog is also set up and used in an environment


  • New Environment -> IaCP

  • Enter a Name

  • Link the Cloud Credentials (Click on the link symbol)

  • Click on Access tab and Grant access to your teams

  • SAVE


Policies and Environments

Policies can be linked to environments to apply standards and governance to Terraform deployments. There are two policy options and they can be used concurrently in any environment.

  1. Scalr Policies to apply governance to values entered in Service Catalog input prompts. See Input Policy for more details

  2. Open Policy Agent (OPA) policies to apply policy rules to all deployments. Policies are checked during the Plan phase of every Terraform run. See Open Policy Agent (OPA).