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Self hosted Scalr only

An account is a child of the Scalr scope as it will inherit anything that is placed or assigned to it at the Scalr scope and it is a parent to environments, which is one of the core concepts behind Scalr that makes it a truly multi-tenant tool. Each account has an owner. A Scalr instance may contain as many accounts as you wish. Accounts contain one or more environments. Generally, accounts correspond to organizations, business units, customers, or just a logical way to segment resources and users.

Creating Accounts


The Scalr scope only exists in the on prem version of Scalr IaC Platform

Accounts can only be created by a Global Admin. To create an account, first ensure you are logged into the Scalr scope as a Global Administrator. Next, click on the main Scalr menu on the top left MENU_SCALR, and go down to Accounts.


Click the New Account button, which will prompt you for a Name, Owner, and Cost Center, which must be entered.

You can also set quotas for the maximum number of workspaces and concurrent runs. If left blank the limits imposed by your license will apply.


After creating an account, you can move on to creating the environments within the account.