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Guide : Devops automation through VCS

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This guide explains how to set up automatic Pull Request (PR) checks and automated runs (deployments) of Terraform templates stored in Git based Version Control Systems (VCS).


  • Your own account in a Git system (Github or Gitlab) for this tutorial.

  • Your own AWS Account / IAM user.


We will use an example of an AWS instance to show you how to set up and test automation using the following steps




The Terraform Template

Create a Terraform template in Git Version Control System (VCS)

Provider Credentials

Add credentials for Terraform providers

Create VCS Provider

Connect IaCP to a VCS so the template can be pulled

Create Workspace

Link a workspace to the template in VCS

Set Variables

Set values for any input variables in the template

Dry Run Test

Create a PR to test dry run.

Automated Deployment Test

Merge to master to test automated deployment.