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Provider CredentialsΒΆ

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Add Cloud Credentials for the Terraform Provider



  • This step is done in the AWS Console and at account scope

  • Switch to account scope using the selector

All providers in the template need credentials to authenticate with. For cloud providers these are typically access keys. All providers allow the credentials to be supplied via environment variables. IaCP allows you to set up credentials for cloud providers so that the necessary environment variables will automatically be set up in the workspace.

  1. Login to the AWS console

  2. Create an access key as described in Managing Access Keys (Console) NEWWIN

  3. Save/copy the access key and secret key that are displayed

  4. Now go to the Scalr UI and switch to account scope ASCOPE

  1. Create Cloud Credentials in Scalr

    1. Click on MENU_ACC

    2. Click on CREDS and then click on CREDS_ADD.

    3. Select AWS, enter a name and the two keys from AWS and save.

  1. Link Cloud Credentials to the environment.

  1. Click on ENVS

  2. Select the required environment and click on the clouds tab TABS

  3. Click the link symbol LINK on the right side for the cloud you want to link.

  4. Select the credentials you just created

  5. Click on LINK_ENV and Save.