Cost Control through Intelligent Workflows

Cost-efficient systems are often a result of workflows that guide end-users to the right decisions. Scalr’s Policy Engine empowers you to bake best practices into intelligent policies to make your users and their workflows more productive.

Actionable Data Lives in The Workflow

Scalr’s central role in the provisioning workflow lends context to financial reporting and tracking. Instead of getting a notification about an overspending machine, you learn that an application is overspending, and will then be able to determine which tier or particular machine is the root of the problem.

Visibility, Accountability, Responsibility

Most cost-control issues in a decentralized cloud environment stem from a lack of application-level visibility. With Scalr, you’re able to hold business units, departments and teams accountable, while providing them with the tools to responsibly manage their budgets and deliver services to end-users.

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