Cost Visibility. Analysis. Action.

Cost is affected by all other aspects of Cloud usage, and Cost Control doesn't stop with visibility. Gain insights you can turn into financial guardrails that encourage smart behavior.

Actionable Cost Visibility

Actionable reports are reports with context. Gain cost visibility across applications, teams, projects and all the way up to the Cost Center. Build financial reports that match your organizational structure and provide insights into the impact of each type of workload. Use showback to communicate costs to users and drive responsible provisioning.

Analyze With Context

Scalr’s central role in the provisioning workflow lends context to financial reporting and tracking. Instead of getting a notification about an overspending machine, you learn that an application is overspending, and will then be able to determine which tier or particular machine is the root of the problem.

Reduce Costs With Intelligent Workflows

Turn insights into solutions with reclamation policies, garbage collection, and guardrails around budgets and resource types. Create environments where users can move fast and innovate but are safe from overspending. Achieve cost-efficiency and prevent runaway spend through an intelligent, automated workflow.

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