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The Only CMP Designed For Enterprise Scale

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Build A Cloud Strategy That Doesn’t Compromise on Security, Cost, or Productivity

Scalr Features & Ecosystem

Deliver Agility Without Giving Up Control

Enterprises are embracing Self-Service, and want to take advantage of multiple platforms and the choice and speed they provide. But IT still needs to reign in sprawling datacenters, maintain security and compliance standards, and control costs. SCALR is how enterprise IT delivers agility without compromising on security, compliance or costs.

Custom Self-Service Creates Productive Users

Self Service should not be limited to one type of user. Scalr’s policy engine and role based access controls (RBAC) empower IT to created customized provisioning portals for power-users, basic users, and anything in between.

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Who uses Scalr's CMP?

Cloud and Enterprise Architects
Manage governance and accelerate service delivery across the hybrid cloud.
CIOs and IT Executives
Drive innovation and cloud adoption while optimizing for cost and security.
DevOps Teams
Maximize productivity using the most advanced services across the multi-cloud.
Successfully deliver a cost-effective and standardized enterprise cloud.
CSOs and Security Architects
Enable automated cloud security and compliance without decreasing productivity.
CFOs and Finance Teams
Turn actionable cost insights into proactive and automated cost controls.
Learn how Scalr can help your organization build a stronger cloud.
Trusted by Fortune 500 companies
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