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Cloud Management Software
Cloud Management Software
Cloud Management Software
Cloud Management Software
Cloud Management Software
Cloud Management Software

Scalr enables today’s enterprises to achieve cost-effective, automated and standardized application deployments across multi-cloud environments

Standardize Cloud Usage

Create a standardized cloud workflow that finds the balance between the needs of IT, Finance, Security and the end-user

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Control Costs

Gain application-level visibility into cloud spend and reduce costs through financial policies and automated clean-ups

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Accelerate organizational productivity

Drive high-performance teams through self-service and integrated development workflows

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Layer security and compliance

Easily create varying levels of trust through hierarchical policy enforcement and automated preventive controls

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Reduce vendor lock-in

Consistently provision and enforce policy on multiple clouds through a powerful abstraction layer.

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Enterprises use Scalr to deliver and consume a self-service cloud model in a secure, cost-effective and responsible manner

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Cloud Management Software

"Scalr gives us what we need for a very modular infrastructure with flexibility and no lock-in."

Chief Engineer, IT Directorate - NASA JPL

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Cloud Management Software

“We’ve compressed processes that took days to complete to a matter of just minutes.”

VP, Global Infrastructure Services - Expedia

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Cloud Management Software

“Scalr has helped us use our cloud resources better, and secure a greater ROI in AWS.”

Senior DevOps Engineer - PEERJ

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Cloud Management Software

"Using Scalr enables us to provide our developers with production ready standardized environments."

Chief Engineer, IaaS Director - Samsung

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A Multi-Cloud strategy entices enterprises with potential cost savings and high speed to market, but it presents a multitude of challenges

Lock-in to proprietary Cloud platforms and services

Overspend from abandoned infrastructure and overprovisioning

Hindered productivity due to the need to master multiple platforms

Difficulty getting internal buy-in due to lack of standardization

Unmet security and compliance requirements due to ineffective policy enforcement

To successfully deliver a cost effective, automated and standardized enterprise cloud, an Enterprise-Grade Cloud Management Platform is required

Cloud Management Software

Pluggable and Modular

Leverage existing tools in a "batteries included but removable" approach


In-house skills become more portable when dealing with one API abstraction layer

Open Source

Supported by thousands of community members!

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Auditable Code

Freely submit the Scalr code to audits and inspections

Preventative Controls

Good policies clean up messes, great policies prevent them

Hierarchical Policy Enforcement

A top-down enforcement model creates separation of concerns between policy makers and governed users

Financial Policy Enforcement

User-level visibility into cloud spend, as well as budgeting tools and reports

Resource Reclamation

Reclaim cloud resources that are no longer needed

Auto Clean-Up Policies

Automatically clean up waste such as unused storage volumes and abandoned VMs

Single Pane of Glass

Leverage multiple clouds in a consistent manner through a single console

Self Service

Deliver self-service in a responsible, secure and cost efficient manner

Integrated Dev Workflows

Build customized workflows that allow developers to push changes to production with confidence

Open Source Scalr

FreeLife time

  • On Premises
  • Orchestration
  • Abstraction Layer
  • Cost Management
  • Lease Management

Scalr is open source and available to be modified and resold freely.


Hosted Scalr

$99Per Month

  • SaaS
  • Orchestration
  • Abstraction Layer
  • Cost Management
  • Lease Management
  • Basic governance

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