Empower Users Without Sacrificing Cloud Governance in the Enterprise

As your organization moves to the cloud, managing workload migrations, weighing and meeting the disparate needs of all business units, and enforcing security and compliance standards without sacrificing agility can be a nearly impossible task. You need to get workloads on the cloud fast, but you also need it done safely, and in a way that will increase business agility without compromising on cost, security and compliance. Scalr empowers IT and cloud infrastructure teams to create standards for cloud usage across private and public clouds while maintaining user productivity and policy.

Accelerate Service Delivery

Deliver the agility your teams need across multiple BUs and platforms through the Scalr’s customized  Self Service portals. Scalr templates make it easy to build complete application stacks and offer them as catalog items. Provisioning is automated to the specifications outlined by pre-configured policies.

Diminish Shadow IT

By enforcing policy at the organizational level and not just the application level, Scalr delegates autonomy to BUs and teams, freeing them to establish their own best practices and guardrails, while ensuring they operate within corporate policy. With customizable policies and self-service provisioning, teams no longer need to work around IT to maintain the speed they expect from the cloud.

Ensure Security & Compliance Without Sacrificing Speed

Scalr’s Federated IT model allows you to create conditional policies that match workloads with their appropriate security and compliance measures. Customize policies based on user roles and environments to control what users can access and do, which networks or clouds should be used, how data should be encrypted, and more.

Optimize Cloud Costs Proactively

Intelligent automated workflows allow you to turn insights from financial reports into proactive cost solutions with automated rightsizing, garbage collection, and budget guardrails. Allow teams to

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