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Scalr Workspace Improvements


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Today we are introducing a new look and feel to workspaces and the ability to view Terraform state files in the Scalr UI. This comes after great feedback from our customers to make the workspace dashboard much more informative.

Improved Workspace Dashboard

You will now see the following information aggregated into a single dashboard for each workspace:

  • General information - VCS information, Terraform versions, and more
  • Remote state snippets - Scalr automatically generates the code to use the output of one workspace as a remote data source into another workspace
  • Runs - Information including policy checks and cost estimates
  • History of runs - An operational overview of your workspace over the last 30 days
  • Webhook statistics - Ensure that external integrations are working properly
  • Terraform outputs, inputs, and resources created

Added State File View

We have also added in the ability to view the Terraform state file associated with each workspace and each run within the workspace to improve visibility and track changes:

Please let us know if you have any feedback or questions through our support portal.

Interested in learning more about Scalr features? Check out our documentation or sign up for an account.