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Scalr Is Now Generally Available


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Hello again, community! Following the announcement of our usage-based pricing in August, we’re now officially going GA.

Over the past 6 months, we are privileged to have seen thousands of organizations sign up for the Scalr service. Today we serve governmental orgs such as the United Nations and the United States House of Representatives; prestigious educational institutions such as Stanford; some of the world’s highest capitalization enterprises including Samsung; and fast-scaling startups like Merit. We’re honored to be of service, and for each to provide an amazing alternative to Terraform Cloud.

Especially noteworthy is our unexpected popularity with managed service providers (MSPs), from one-man shops to unicorns like Sierra Cedar, who use our multi-tenant model to manage all their customer’s workloads from one consistent interface, and appreciate our commitment not to charge for tenancy at any scale.

While we’ve been officially in beta since October of last year, our growth has forced us to operate on the assumption that we weren't. So many have come to rely on our service for their Terraform workflows that we’ve had to accelerate our reliability engineering roadmap, resulting in strides made towards regional fault tolerance, worker scalability, service recovery and performance, rollback capabilities, and all the supporting instrumentation. We furthermore took additional steps to ensure reliably safe change management, hired a “red team” 3rd party to attempt to breach our system and report vulnerabilities, and started our SOC-2 audit.

You may find here our formal SLA commitments for support and service availability. A status page to check on incidents is forthcoming.

To the stars,

The Scalr Team