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Scalr Release Highlights - July 2020


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The following features are some highlights from the July releases of Scalr. Please contact the Scalr support team if you have any questions.

Module registry hierarchy

Reduce management overhead by sharing Terraform modules across multiple organizational units.


Use webhooks to send payloads to external tools for a Terraform run that has completed, errored, or violated a policy.

New workspace creation UI

A new intuitive workflow to create workspaces based on your use case:

Workspaces – Notification for required variables

If a Terraform run starts and required variables have not been provided, Scalr will stop the run and notify the user that variables are required.

Support for private modules from VCS

Call private Terraform modules through using the existing authorization token.

Expose “created-by” in the Scalr provider

Use the Scalr provider to export and use data related to the user who created the workspace. Example Code:

data scalr_current_run current {}

locals {
  run = data.scalr_current_run.current

data scalr_workspace current {
  name         =
  organization =

output "workspace_created_by" {
  value = data.scalr_workspace.current.created_by[0].username