Product Updates

Scalr Enterprise 7.5.2 Product Update

Good day all. I want to update you on the latest greatness from our engineering team. Today we released a minor update – 7.5.2, that includes a few items worthy of your attention.

Storage arrives in the API. Now you can define how Farm Roles use storage via the API, and thus also in Farm Templates. This means now you can create, list, get details, edit, and delete storage from the API. No small feat. Head on over to Farm Role in the API Explorer to see all the goodness.

New Server-Scope Global Variables. We’ve added a few handy new Global Variables that make it easier to parameterize your scripts among other things. These new system Global Variables are SCALR_CLOUD_PLATFORM, SCALR_ACCOUNT_ID, and SCALR_ACCOUNT_NAME. You can use these to name instances, or parameterize your scripts to behave how you want in context. For example, you may want Windows VMs in your VMware or OpenStack clouds to join your AD Domain, but skip that otherwise. For more on how to use this powerful, yet sometimes underutilized feature, see our documentation.

Various improvements.

  • For VMware it is now easier to use SCSI disks and possible to enforce using IP Pools via policy.
  • Many will be excited to see that you can now use webhooks to set and REGEX to validate hostnames. Using webhooks enables these hostnames to come from an IPAM system.
  • Making life easier for cloud admins, you can now filter for Farms based upon user, team, or status.
  • For AWS we’ve improved the way you interact with IAM Certificates and Elastic IPs.

And for good measure we also included a boatload of small bug fixes to make your operation of Scalr even more awesome.

Make sure you follow our upgrade instructions to ensure a successful update.