July 11, 2022

Scalr Keeps Growing - Q2 '22 Newsletter

Ryan Fee

Thanks again for another great quarter, we look forward to the continued growth. Check out some recent highlights and what to expect in Q3!

What’s New

As a reminder, Scalr releases are every Thursday and you can subscribe to our release notes. Here are some highlights from the past quarter:

  • Pre Init Hook - This allows users to perform custom actions before terraform init is executed.
  • Workspace Tagging - Tagging will enable the use of the cloud backend, applying OPA policies based on tags, and improved filtering through the Scalr UI and provider.
  • Native Support for .tfvars - Defin the path to .tfvar files as part of the workspace configuration which enables more flexibility in keeping module code dry.
  • More Terraform Commands - Support for `-refresh`, `-replace`, and `-refresh-only` using in the Terraform CLI.

New UI - Public Beta Now Available!

Our new UI is now in the public beta phase! To access the UI, please add /app2 to your url. For example: We would love to continue to receive feedback on the UI, please provide the feedback through our support portal.

Planned Improvements

  • Account Level Runs Queue - Enjoy the environment runs queue? Great! We’re adding it to the account level to give you even more visibility of runs from a single location.
  • Provider Credentials - There will be a number of updates to how provider credentials work including more providers, assigning credentials at multiple levels, and the ability to have more than one of the same credential type for each environment.
  • Support for Git Submodules - Ability to use git submodules in your Terraform configuration.
  • Support for 'Cloud' Backend - This improves the CLI experience by being able to use tags.

How Do You Compare?

Want to know how your usage compares? Take a look at these statistics:

Terraform versions used across all workspaces:

  • 1.2.x - 4%
  • 1.1.x - 77%
  • 1.0.x - 12%
  • 0.15.x - < 1%
  • 0.14.x - 5%
  • 0.13.x - 2%
  • 0.12.x - < 1%

Average run duration across all customers decreased from 170 to 106 seconds.

On average, we see 2.3 dry runs per apply across all customers.

New Resources

Need Help?

Need help scaling Terraform, Scalr or OPA? Our partner, Sierra Cedar, was a customer first and now offers their services to help you scale your DevOps practice.

Contact the team at devops [@] for more information.

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A screenshot of the modules page in the Scalr Platform