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Multi-cloud capabilities extended: Google Compute Engine

Scalr now supports GCE

Scalr now supports GCE

For the third day in a row, we’re excited to announce the extension of our multi-cloud support. We’re definitely on a roll here. This time, it’s so you can deploy and manage workloads on Google Compute Engine. But first– a quick note for those not lucky enough to have gotten an invite: let us know and we might be able to score you one!

Google products are known for their speed, and GCE is no exception. Ever since we got our hands on it after Google IO, we’ve been awed by its performance. The wizards at Google are capable of doing wonders (we have a technical blog post coming up to elaborate on the speed aspect), so it is with great pleasure that we make this generally available.

Starting today, you can use Scalr to design and manage resilient, scalable infrastructure on GCE, and our roles have had their multi-cloud capabilities extended accordingly.

GCE is quite different from EC2, both in terms of functionality and speed. Because of this, the failover, scaling, and backup algorithms we use for EC2 needed to be adapted and optimized, and this took time and experimentation to guarantee our users the state of the art in resiliency and scalability.

Have at it, and as usual, your feedback is vital to us. We listen to you 24/7 at feedback@scalr.com.

Scalr “Not just for search anymore” team

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