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Introducing the new Scalr management UI

At Scalr, we believe that a beautiful and intuitive interface is what differentiates software you love from software that leaves you passionless.

As of today we’re releasing a new UI for configuring environments, teams, users, and permissions.

This interface lets you add new users to your account, group them into teams, and give those teams access to specific environments that have separate cloud credentials.

You can access this new interface by clicking on your current environment’s name in the upper right corner and selecting “Manage”.

Giving your dev team access to your staging environment while restricting access to your production environment to sysadmins has never been easier!

Create environments, isolate credentials

The Environments console lets you add Cloud credentials (e.g. AWS credentials), and control which team gets to use these to deploy infrastructure.

How you use them will depend on your organization! Here are a few examples: separating staging from production, isolating different departments of your company, differentiating client setups.

You can also specify the timezone that we should use to display Log events and graphs from this environment - this saves you the pain of converting timestamps!

Environments UI

Click on a cloud provider to add it to your account.

Add teams, share access!

Organize your users in teams that share access to your environments. Create a new team by giving it a name and adding the users you want.

You’ll need to give the team leader role to one of your team members. The team leader has the ability to invite new members to join his team, revoke their access, and specify their permissions.

Teams UI

Move users in the team, click “Lead” to add a team leader.

Add new users to your account!

As an account owner or team leader, you can visit the “Users” interface to set someone up with access to Scalr. Enter their name and their email address, and they’ll get an email inviting them to sign-in!

The account owner can also use this interface to temporarily suspend an account, or permanently delete it - useful when someone goes on vacation or leaves the company.

Users UI

Add users to your account by providing their name and email address.

The devil is in the details:
per-feature permissions.

Visit the “Access Control” panel to create Access Lists and grant access to specific features to your users.

This advanced feature lets you give access to the features you know your users will need, and protect valuable credentials and data, such as SSH keys and database dumps.


ACL UI Create ACLs and click on individual permissions to add them to an ACL.

You can then assign an Access List to one of your users by visiting the “Teams” panel:


Add ACLs to your teams; each user can have a different ACL.

We hope you’ll enjoy using this new interface as much as we enjoyed building it!

The Scalr “Shiny New Stuff” Team.

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