Build a Stronger Cloud with Scalr 7.7.6!

By December 11, 2017 10 Comments

Working hard to deliver and maintain multi-cloud at your company? We’ve got an early Christmas gift for you! (Ok that was cheesy, but this really is a super exciting release).

Our mission has always been to help businesses build a stronger cloud through automation, self-service, and policies that seamlessly enforce cost and security standards across the organization. Scalr 7.7.6 is here and your hybrid cloud has never been stronger!



  • Support for new instance types – AWS announced a new generation of instance types at re:invent 2017, all of which are now supported in the Scalr CMP! You can now use C5, M5, H1 and i3.metal (bare metal) in your Scalr Farms.

Instance type policy enforcing the usage of the new i3.metal instance type on the AWS-AppDev account, in the us-east-1 region, for Linux workloads.

  • Support for EFS Encryption – When creating a new Elastic File System, in addition to enforcing VPC policies, you can now toggle encryption on and off.


Cost Manager

  • Support for the Azure Germany region – Microsoft Azure works differently from AWS in many ways, one of which is that some of the different regions work like completely separate clouds – for example, the Germany region. Scalr Cost Manager now supports detailed cost analytics for Azure in this region.
  • Farm Role Cost Analytics – A Scalr Farm is essentially an application, and Roles are the building blocks of these apps. Each Role typically represents a tier in the app (Database, load balancer, etc.) You can now break down the cost of your farm by Farm Role, gaining a deeper insight into the cost structure of your apps.

On the left, you can see the Farms in this Environment and their total spend. Highlighting a Farm shows you a breakdown of cost by Compute, Storage, Bandwidth and Other.


You can now also break down costs by Farm Roles, and see the spend for each tier of the app.

Service Catalog

  • Service Catalog Offering Ownership – New RBAC policies now allow you to assign ownership over Service Catalog offerings. For example, using offering ownership and an ACL, you can make sure that users only see catalog items that are relevant to their team, and can only make changes to items they own themselves.

ACL that says that members of this team can only see catalog items owned by the team, and each user can only make changes to items they personally own.

  • HTML tags in offering description – You can now add HTML to the description of each Service Catalog offering. This gives you the option to further customize the look and feel of the service catalog.
  • Server/App association – Visibility is not actionable without context, if you learn about an issue with a server, you need to understand what that server does. In the “My Applications” view, you now have a clearer view of which servers make up the application.


  • Support for external IPAMs – You can now easily manage your IP addresses with 3rd party IPAMs such as Infoblox and VitalQIP. This allows the organization make sure IP distribution through Scalr is correctly synced with the IPAM system across the business.  
  • Advanced instance configuration – You can now configure instances with over 8 vCPUs and configure the “Cores Per Socket” setting.



  • Lightning fast Cloud Management – Scalr is now up to 4X faster and takes up less memory! Usability and customer experience are core values of the Scalr engineering team, that’s why they were hard at work on a major internal refactoring with the goal of bringing you a better and faster Cloud Management experience.
  • “Shared” items across Scalr Scopes – You can now toggle the “Shared” option on Webhook endpoints, Scripts and Images on the Corporate and Account scopes. Using this feature, you can either make certain items only available in a specific scope, or enforce rules without letting users make changes to them. For example, a script that was created in the Corporate Scope and is not “Shared”, can be enforced in automation rules on any application, but users will not be able to see the contents of script or make any changes to it. An Image that is not “Shared” can only be used in the same Scope in which it was created.


And these are just some of the exciting features in this release, be sure to check out the full release notes for both 7.7.6 and 7.7.7!


Your feedback matters, if there’s a feature you’re looking for, something you don’t quite understand or anything else you have to say, we want to hear about it! Feel free to reach out to me directly at



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