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APIv2 Goes Into Public Beta!

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Private Cloud Is Very Much Alive

Open Source Scalr 5.10 is Out!

Leverage Zapier to integrate Scalr with PagerDuty, Atlassian HipChat, Slack and more!

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Scalr now supports Microsoft Azure

Enterprise IT vs Cloud: Adapt or Be Disrupted. Surviving Cloud Disruption: Lessons from Lyft, Uber and Airbnb

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AWS Re-Invent: Enterprise Cloud Management Impressions from the Show Floor Part 2

AWS re:Invent: Enterprise Cloud Management Impressions from the Show Floor Part 1

It's Right Around The Corner! The OpenStack Summit in Paris

Helping Expedia Save 20 Effort Years through Process Automation

Finally! AWS Lands A Second European Region

Reaching for the Stars: JPL Selects Scalr for Cloud Management

Security Announcement: Scalr Discontinues Support for SSLv3

Application Cloud Readiness Checklist

Upgrade Bash and Address CVE-2014-6271 ("Shellshock") now with Scalr

AWS Massively Rebooting Instances - What you need to know

Deciphering VMware's OpenStack Play

Announcing Scalr Cloud Management Platform 5.0

Eucalyptus Acquired by HP — How Did That Happen?

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Cloud Adoption From An Organizational Perspective

Icehouse Released: Towards a More Mature OpenStack Cloud Platform

New Gartner Reports Confirm: Delivering a CMP for Both Developers and IT is Cool

Public Cloud Cheaper Than Ever: Is Private Cloud Still Worth It?

Autoscaling and Cloudbursting: How Do We Get There?

CloudPlatform 4.3: Open, Agile, and Efficient for the Enterprise

Building Cloud Native Infrastructure With Scalr At PeerJ

If you're using cloud, Chef may be good enough

Why Cloud Native?

Tips: Getting Your OpenStack All-In-One POC off the ground

Why You Can't Afford Not To Have a Multi-Cloud Strategy

Think Through Your Cloud Adoption

Quick tip: Secure access to AWS infrastructure with IAM Roles

Scalr 4.5 is released! What’s new?

Introducing Scalr Lease Management

Compute Engine Load Balancing serves 1 million requests per second

Why Do Developers Care About Cloud API Compatibility?

We’ll be at re:Invent!

Is Private Cloud the most cost effective?

We’re going to the OpenStack Summit! Will you be there?

What you should most definitely know before you yank PaaS for IaaS

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Focus on your Job, not on your Cloud API: Why you might need Cloud Management

It’s time to Regain Control of your Cloud: Introducing Scalr Governance

The Five Signs That Tell You Need Cloud Management

How Great User Experience Design Makes You More Productive

The Summer Quickstart Roles are in: Nginx & HAProxy

Why we’re excited about CloudPlatform 4.2

The Static Website Hosting Showdown: S3 vs GCS vs Cloud Files

Scalr goes Enterprise! But what does that mean?!

Behind the scenes: the Farm Designer refactor

"Cloud Native": Data persistence with the Object Store and the Block Store

"Cloud-Native": The Image Store

"Cloud-Native": If you think Cloud is just about Elasticity, you’re doing it wrong

Scalr 4.4.0 released!

The state of Open Source Cloud Computing (Q2 2013)

PaaS or IaaS? The difference in practice

Was it really 80%? A deeper look into AWS’s latest price drop

GCE Now publicly available!

Dig deep into your AWS costs with Cloudyn (and Scalr) Tags

We need to make your apps Cloud Aware!

Do You Know How Your Cloud Resolves DNS?

Building and extending roles made easier!

New database status pages

Announcing custom VPC support

More screenshots from Scalr Custom VPC!

Cloud automation: OpsCode and BranchOut publish a case study

Multi-cloud capabilities extended: OpenStack (Folsom release) now supported

Multi-cloud capabilities extended: Rackspace Open Cloud

Multi-cloud capabilities extended: Google Compute Engine

Multi-region roles made easier with AMI copy

EBS snapshot copy added

A brand new way to build Roles

Realtime config management

EC2-VPC now supported

Like OpsWorks? You’ll love Scalr.

Introducing the new Scalr management UI

What is Cloud Computing?

Clone roles

CloudStack 2.x and 3.x now supported!

Scalr expands reach with new Korean partnership

Pay-as-you-go plan beta

Ubuntu 8.04 users: time to upgrade!

2013 Roadmap

New source release - Scalr 2.5

You bet your PaaS it’s open!

Environments are now free!

Please, sir, may I have some more?

Cron Jobs 2.0

Server usage statistics

Easier (database) endpoints

Scalr now officially PCI compliant

A humongous announcement!

Create copies of your setups with farm cloning

Scalr discontinuing free plans

Scalr, now with Chef!

More cloud management for private clouds: Scalr for CloudStack

Loggly Partnership for Eager Beavers



Easier Custom Roles

MySQL Proxy support

Security groups permissions description

An important Milestone

Going realtime: server status updates

New Source release 3.0

Rolling Updates for the Scalr Agent

Failure as a Feature

RabbitMQ, the white Rabbit and Scalr

Security updates - CAPTCHA

Load statistics

Role versioning

How to get EC2 Pricing Data programmatically

Finally it’s here: the Dashboard preview

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS images now available

New Documentation Site!

Backup progress

New database storage for Amazon EC2 users

New tutorials: Magento, Tomcat and much more!

More control over Scalarizr updates

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS aka Precise Pengolin full support

The dolphin is getting older: support of MySQL 5.5

Imminent RAID attack on MySQL, PostgreSQL and Redis!

The New Open Source Cloud Management Tool - Scalr 3.5

RAID now available to MongoDB roles

Scalr to support Google Compute Engine

The NEW Database Manager - One place to manage all your database backups

hi1.4xlarge instances now available

Scalr now supports Provisioned IOPS for EBS

Percona 5.5 now available for Ubuntu and CentOS

CentOS 6 now supported

CloudFoundry updated (for all you PaaS lovers)

Redis 2.4 and Postgres 9.1 now supported

Cloudyn Partnership

Security-group support extended

RedHat and Oracle come to Scalr

Downscale at your will

Enhanced Database Options

Scalarizr improvements and fixes

Performance metrics modernized a bit

Invitation to Cloud Tech III

Open-Cloud Conference

Behold the new Scalr!

An interactive chat with Cloud Insiders!

Scalr adds Japan’s IDCF to list of public clouds

Make the most of AWS services …

New Ability to “Lock” Farms

Custom events come to the orchestration engine

The difference between CloudStack and CloudPlatform

Automated instance naming

Scalr - Cloudyn Integration

Scalr alerting system

Automated DB storage increase and more!

Announcing Scalr 2.2!

Hang out with the Scalr crew on IRC

Widgets to be added to 2.3

New UI for DNS management

Added support for Japan region

Scalr 2.2 now available on Google Code

Scalr on the Road!

Scalr Raises, Like, A Hundred Dollars

Private Cloud webinar - Scalr & Nimbula

Scalr 2.2.1 available for download

Using Scalr to avoid future Amazon problems: Surviving AZ outages

New MySQL roles available- with Percona!

Come meet the Scalr team in Mountain View

Roadtrip across America

Deprecating Scalr’s ami-scripts agent

Using Scalr to avoid future Amazon problems: Surviving Region outages

Beta testers wanted for secret project

New IP in address pool

Windows 2008: Scalr edition!

Scalr.net IP pool changes

Try out the new UI in beta!

Remember that secret project? Introducing…

Redis Redux

RDS for Postgres

Time Zone settings to be reset

Boot faster! Faster!!

Important Updates to Scalr Pricing Model

Clarifications on the price change

Two-factor authentication now available for plans IPO and higher

Open Stack for Cloud Computing Launched

Introducing Scalr 2.0!

Named.conf crash report

Added roles in Asia Pacific region

Scalr.net Maintenance on August 26 at 1:00 AM PST

New Shared roles (CentOS)

MySQL 5.1.41 Roles now available

Scalr explanatory comic - Special thanks to Anton!

Amazon Micro instances now supported

Scalarizr source code now available

New in Scalr 2.0: Server Snapshots

New Interface - suggestions for improvement?

CentOS now available in all Regions

New! Configuration Presets - feedback appreciated

New! Custom Scaling metric - feedback appreciated

Announcing Scalr 2.1!

New Apache and nginx Roles

Scalr at Cloudstock

Scale from ONE server to MANY!

2.1.1 released with many bugfixes

Scalr joins the OpenStack family!

New Roles available

New! Environments - Feedback appreciated

2.1 Feature Highlight: Pushing Apache or MySQL configuration changes

2.1 Feature Highlight: Scale from one to many servers

2.1 Feature Highlight: Custom Scaling Metrics

2.2 Feature Preview: RAID and Rackspace coming up!

Better Scalr Dashboard

Your 2011 Scalr Wishlist

Load Testing, the Scalr way

We have a blog!

Important DNS Upgrade on Scalr.net

A thank you to Sid Choudhuri

New Community pages

Scalr.net August release

Scalr 1.1.0 Release Changelog

Graduation from Beta

Support now available

New API functions

Alexey Kovalyov passed away

Documentation Wiki available

Creating a Community

September release

Scalr on your iPhone!

UI Improvements

Scalr Mission Critical

Scalr Development

Elastic Load Balancer support for EU

Scalr.net Performance Improvements

Database browsing in Scalr!

November release

More Scalr Goodness

New Scaling Algorithm

Our gift for the holidays: December release!

One more release squeezed in 2009!

2010 Resolution: keep Scalr on google code up to date!

New Scalr release featuring the Scalr Scheduler

Introducing the Scalr Scheduler