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2013 Roadmap

A lot of people in the Scalr community have been asking what’s in store for them in 2013, and while we can’t give an exact roadmap and expect to stick with it, we can give general direction.

2013 will bring two new areas of expansion: Scalr will become increasingly realtime, and Scalr will increasingly do a better job at providing you oversight–in particular over what Scalr does automatically for you.

  1. Realtime - we will move to realtime reporting and status updates.
  2. Visualisation - you will be able to view and track all workflows with realtime diagrams.

We’re doing this not just because it’s cool, but also because we’ve gotten a lot of feedback that Scalr’s automation is sort of like a black box, and being able to see what’s going on would increase confidence.

Anything else on your wishlist for 2013? Let us know in the comments!

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