Open Source Scalr

Try  Scalr for yourself or explore the code. 

Open Source Scalr is the best fit for those looking to explore the platform and to build and test their projects on their own without direct support from Scalr.

Scalr is open source and available to be modified and resold freely. We provide a knowledgebase, tips & tricks and some online training. While we do our best to help Open Source Scalr users, please understand that Scalr as a company can't commit to provide ongoing, free-of-charge support for Open Source users.

If you'd like support, please get in touch with us to schedule a Scalr Enterprise Edition POC.



“Using Scalr, we are able to focus on developing our product and can safely hand over its lifecycle management to Scalr. We are saving a lot of time, which lets us take our product to market faster.”

— Patrick McAndrew, Senior DevOps Engineer, PeerJ

“Adopting Scalr increased developer agility, as it made it easy for us to continuously deploy our applications to production, thanks to its very flexible orchestration framework.”

– Chris Geihsler, Senior Software Engineer at Think Through Math

“Thanks to Scalr, we’ve been able to focus on what matters to our business: building PeerJ. Naturally, infrastructure management is critical, but it’s definitely not our core business. Scalr’s Cloud Management software has been a great help in automating that aspect of our operations.”

— Jason Hoyt, Ph.D., Co-founder and CEO, PeerJ

“Scalr is an opinionated, high-level framework that encourages and helps us build applications that perform optimally on cloud infrastructure. As a result, we feel that Scalr has helped us use our cloud resources better, and secure a greater return on our investment in AWS.“

— Patrick McAndrew, Senior DevOps Engineer at PeerJ

“Scalr facilitates the use of raw infrastructure power of Amazon by providing management tools that allow efficient administration and deployment.”

— Josh Stuart, Lead Engineer, Zoop

“Scalr’s great UI allows a small team to manage very large and complex deployments. Now with the combination of Scalr and AWS, we view the cloud as an enabler of efficiency, power and integrity.”

— Josh Stuart, Lead Engineer, Zoop

“We could build our own solution for automation, but building and testing the solution would take a long time. We would never finish, as we would always need new features. Collaborating with Scalr ensured a quicker and better quality solution.”

— Hyok-Sung Choi, Senior Engineer, Samsung DMC

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